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worried mama!

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#1: My DD was born on March 1st. She weighed 7.13. She was gaining about 7 oz/week for a very long time. Now, she's only gaining about 4 oz/week. is this normal? I'm completley freaked out, worried sick. she seems fine-healthy and happy, but i'm still worried!

#2: She's 14 weeks and not rolling over yet, should i be worried? (moreso than i am?)

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Nope, both are normal.

you may want to buy Dr Sears' Baby book, it shows a lot of averages for these types of things and takes away many worries (did with me, anywau) nak
Thanks to both of you! I actually check Kellymom quite frequently and own Dr. Sears Baby book, but was STILL worried.
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