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I have been clw my son . He is 20 months and I have gotten on 'Tegretol"

I gotten so much confusion on this pharmacist and my doctor said I should discontinue nursing or not be on that medcine.

Two nurses one who was a pedi nurse said it was compatible with bfeed and aap approved it.

I get so nervous because my son is not eating as much as he used to be and I am worried this drug has something to do with it.

I take the drug at nite time and he wakes up at least 3 x during nite before I even head to sleep.

I wish I could find some other way to get him to sleep than him requesting to nurse to sleep.

I am thinking of weaning him because I am getting so nervous of nursing while on this medcine even though it says compatible.
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Hale's book says it's an "L2", which is compatible with breastfeeding (they call it "safer").
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