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Worry or not?

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In a casual conversation with my best friend and babysitter, she mentioned that she thinks I should have my 6 yo DS 'evaluated' by holistic specialists in the city. He's got some quirks, but I think he's a great little guy. Quirks include:
excessive fear and anxiety about loud noises (booms at shows and fireworks) and high places indoors
sensitivity to water/fear of going under water
very picky eater (just eats white foods)
and annoying habits like knuckle-cracking and sensitivity to elastic.
He's very attached to me.

He's in occupational therapy and doing very well and he loves school, is very social, appropriate and has a lot of friends.

I'm feeling like "Wow. I'm blessed with a great little guy. What's she talking about." but I'm also wondering, "Maybe I can help him become even a more comfortable, confident, person."

DH says don't worry about him.

Any advice?

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What do the OTs think? Sounds like OT is the right kind of therapy for him, but I really don't know tons about this.
It might be helpful to check things out but I wouldn't stress if these things don't hamper your ds's daily life much.

My dd is very, very sensitive to noise and it does affect her life. I recently read that a magnesium deficiency can cause sensitivity to noise. My dd has also always had sleep issues which I see can be caused by a magnesium deficiency too.
The OTs aren't particularly concerned, but we live in a small town and the care is good, but not overly educated in alternative/holistic treatments, if you know what I mean.
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