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worth the investment?

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i juts read a recommendation for this book. i also saw the recommendation for miserly moms underneath.

we're about to embark on attempting to live one one income in a very expensive area and need all the help we can get, but don't want to put out $ on books if it's not worth it.

has anyone read these? are they worth the investment or should i just check the library for them?
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I haven't read them, but I think Tightwad Gazette has a website you can google. Also check out the Dollar Stretcher website. I've found some useful stuff on there including essays and such about going from a 2 person income to 1 person income.

As for whether you should buy the books? I say be a tightwad and get it at the library. If it's something you'll use as a reference book then spend the money on your own copy.
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I would check them out of the library. If you like them, buy them. I have Miserly Moms and I don't think that I refererenced it very much at all.
The Tightwad Gazette is a fantastic resource! I highly reccomend it, but I agree that you should check it out from the library first to make sure it's to your liking.
Definetely check them both out from the library. The first step to leading a more frugal life shouldn't start off with spend money. If you keep checking them out and find that you may be wasting gas on going all the way to the library to get them then it may save you money to buy them, but most likely that is not the case. I would try keeping a notebook for when you are reading them and jot down some of the ideas and recipes that you might like trying. Good luck on your quest to frugality
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Originally Posted by sarah_bella1050
The first step to leading a more frugal life shouldn't start off with spend money.
yeah, sometimes i don't quite get that one right....

we'll be walking distance to a library when we move so i think it'll be easy to get these books.

till then does anyone want to share some of their favourite tips from either book that have helped them save $?

there was a discussion on the berkeley parents network where one mother said she saved 50% of her income using tips from tightwad gazette. that was pre-children, though...

ETA: ooh,i just found the website:
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