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Xander Jackson Eugene's Birth Story.........
June 15 2007 5:39 am

Otis and I had a play date with some friends on Wednesday June 13th. It was a pretty normal day,
got up and showered and decided that I would make myself feel pretty. Put on some makeup and did my hair and we were
out the door. We got to Jannas place and started playing. Otis was in the sand box and decided that it would be fun
to pour sand in Mommy's bra not once but three times!!!! We now call Jannas sand, Labor Inducing Sand! Got home from
the play date and we took a three hour nap. Pure Bliss, but as some know when a toddler sleeps that long he wakes
up hungry and still tired, those two equal grumpo Otis. We made dinner and dad came home from work. I was feeling that
I wouldn't be pregnant forever so daddy took Otis and I went to visit some friends. We had a great time talking and
laughing, pretty soon I realized that it was close to 9 so I scooted home. On the way home I stopped at the store
to get some panty hose. A friend of a friends mom said that if you wear panty hose and take a walk it will induce labor.
I was ready to meet this little guy so the panty hose went on ( what a site that was, uh panty hose are tight and trying
to get them on and get them right was like a circus act) and Otis went on my back in the ergo and off we went with daddy
on a late walk. We walked for about a half hour and came home, put Otis to bed and hit the sack ourselves. I woke up to pee
around three am and was having some very mild cramping and contractions. Yay panty hose I thought! Plus I had a acupuncture
appointment scheduled for the morning so I was excited that my time could be coming. After I laid back down to rest, Xander and
I had a mommy son talk. I told him that yes I was scared to give birth again, but the only thing I was scared of was the pain. And
that pain would bring him to me. We talked about working together as a team. It was so sweet and peaceful to talk to my son who
I knew in a matter of days would be in my arms. I drifted off to sleep dreaming of his sweet face that I had yet to meet.

Otis woke early Thursday June 14th. When I looked at the clock it was 6. Yuck I thought. But dad and I both got up with him and got his
breakfast and turned on the all mighty curious George. I strung my birth necklace, holding each bead and remembering the sweet love and support I felt at my mother blessing the previous month. Jack got ready for work. I was
still having very mild contractions, about four every hour. And when I went to the bathroom there was some bloody show and bits of my
mucous plug. Hooray for me, I was going to have a baby soon! ( Waiting for you Xander was so much hardier than waiting for Otis.)
I wanted Jack to stay home with me but since Grandma and Grandpa would be here to watch Otis while I was at the Acupuncturist I knew that it
was best that he went to work and wrapped up what needed to be finished. We are lucky enough that Jack is able to take three weeks off to be with
his new family. I left for the acupuncturist around 9:30 shortly after grandma and grandpa arrived. While there I had 7 contractions. Ann ( who is Five
months pregnant with twin boys, congrats to her and Mindy, what great parents they will be!) and I talked about her pregnancy and how exciting it was that I would
be having a baby soon. She was so great to me. I left there and told her that I would see her tomorrow, I had scheduled another apt just in case.

On the way home from my apt I called jack and told him that I was uncomfortable with his parents being at the house while I was in early labor. He gently reminded me
that all I needed to do was tell them what I needed and they would be more than happy to help. His mom is very sweet. She called me while I was on the phone
with Jack and said that they would be going out to eat and checking into the Hotel( they rented a place within a mile of our home so that Otis would be close to
me should I feel the need to see him while I was in labor. I wanted nothing more than to have him there with me but I knew that I couldn't handle that and neither could he.
At every MW apt he would get very upset when they would take my blood pressure. He is such a sweet soul and wanted to protect his mama) once I came home.
Phew, what a relief. I didn't want anything to stop my contractions. Otis and I went down for a nap when I got home. We slept for four hours this
time and yes, we both woke up hungry and kinda grumpy. Grandma was here waiting for us when we got up, and daddy showed up soon after that.
Grandma took Otis to the hotel for a swim while Jack and I went on a three mile walk. It was such a great time together. We talked and laughed and looked at houses
that we will never be able to afford. Our favorite one was only 769,000.00 Someday!!!!! After our walk we checked in with grandma and Otis and they were going to
go out to dinner. Jack and I decided to do the same. We ate at the Outback, while there my contractions started coming closer together about 8 an hour but not lasting very long.
Our dinner was quiet, we were both tired and missing Otis. I knew it wouldn't be long that we would be a family of three and I was cherishing the quite moments that Jack and
I were spending together. After dinner we picked Otis up at the hotel and told Grandma that we would call when the time was right. We got home around ten and put
Otis to bed and Jack and I feel asleep together.

I woke up around 12:30 am June 15th with stronger contractions and needing to pee. I was loosing more plug and having more bloody show. The sensations were coming closer together and more intense.
I climbed back in bed with the boys and rested against Jacks back and swayed with the contractions. I waited about an hour to wake Jack up, It was around 1:30 when
I felt the need for the tub to be filled. I needed that reassurance that when the pain got worse that I would have the water ready for me. I am a water baby and
that is what gets me through the tough periods and the ocean sees me through the rough patches in my life. I woke Jack up and that's when all hell broke loose

The attachment on the sink wasn't working ( I recommend a trail run for those of you that are like me and didn't do it, esp if its as important to you as this tub and water birth was to me)
and Jack was still half asleep and I lost it. I cried and yelled and said the stupidest stuff like you don;t love me and you don't want me to have my water birth and why
cant you use your brain. You only had one thing to do for this birth and you fucked that up
Yeah I was a really winner during this time. I even told him that we should just give up and go to the hospital. Thankfully he let that all go in one ear and out the other one. Meanwhile the contractions were
still coming closer together but only last 20, 30, 40 seconds at a time. Jack called Melissa my MW and told her that I was in labor and she said that she would come
whenever I wanted. But I didn't want anything or anyone except the damn tub filled and my mom. I cried out for her alot through the contractions. Meanwhile Jack
plugged away filling the tub with a brand new clean 13 gallon garbage can. And coming to my side and offering his love and support. He is my rock and my strength and he was so
amazing to me. Around 2 am Otis woke up and I went to him and tried to nurse him back to sleep. Ha, bad idea. I nursed him through continuous contractions and I swayed my
hips back and forth and moaned slow and low. He tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so I hollered for Jack to come get him. I was in the bedroom with him for about thirty minutes. I had a few more contractions on
the bed before I could get up and come out to the living room. We took Otis up stairs for a bath and Jack called his mom to come get him. Otis loves the bath
and was so happy to be in it with mama. It was pretty cold though cause all the hot water was going for the tub downstairs. We got out shortly after and Jack got Otis
ready and put on the almighty George while I got into the tub downstairs. Ahhh what an amazing feeling that was. Relief with a capital R.
Jacks mom got here at 3:30 and to her surprise I was naked in the tub in the living room. She was very concerned that my MW's weren't here and kept asking how I was.
I'm more than positive that she has never seen another naked woman in her whole life. My whole birth experience was quit a shock to her. Otis left and Jack came and
sat by my side.We bonded again and I felt close and in tune. Something I really needed after the earlier ugliness. He got me water and juice and wet rags for my head. I bounced around the tub during each contraction. Jack later told me that he thought i was going to break my
neck the way I was moving. I am a very active birther. Very. The thought of being tied down to a bed during birth honestly makes me feel sick. Sitting here thinking
of that my stomach hurts. Thankfully I will never have to experience that. My contractions were coming faster and stronger and I told Jack that it was time to call Melissa.
I think he called her around 4. I labored in the water the whole time and Jack filled the tub with a few cold water trash cans. I felt like I was overheating at times. The tub we used was called a SPA 2 GO,
It was hugh, had a heater in it which kept the water very warm, and it had bubbles too. So nice. I kept laboring away and the contractions got stronger but never for a whole minute, at least I don't think.
I kept telling myself, you are doing it Angie, you are bringing your son home. Xander and I talked alot to each other. I let him do alot of the work, never pushing him to go to fast.
I wanted him to be able to move at his own speed. During the intense contractions I would remind myself, you are strong Angie, you can do anything for a minute. You are bringing your son
into the world. Jack was by my side looking into my eyes and being my rock. To keep my bottom soft and my cervix open I would say Mamamamamamaam, mmmmmmmmmmm. I don't know where that came from, probably my sweet
moms presence and her picture on my birth alter. It helped to remind myself to not tighten up. Around 5 am Melissa and Yvette got here, and soon as my contraction was finished
I looked at Melissa and told her, I want to hear his heart. She gladly came over and I heard My sweet guys heart beating beautifully. We were doing it, we were working together and he was really low.
I told Jack, maybe he will be born around the same time as his brother. Otis was born at 5:45 am. Melissa said that could for sure happen. Jack later told me he thought that we had hours and hours to go. Otis's birth
was very long and painfully so that is all Jack had to go off of. More contractions came and went and the pain started to get intense. I kept telling myself you are doing it, and so did the others in the room , but I didn't
want to hear what they had to say, I wanted silence, so I would say shhhhh shhhh shhhh in a very low tone. I had an amazing support system that really listened to what i needed. I felt in my vagina to see if I could feel xanders head.
I couldn't yet. But boy did that bring on an intense contractions. I labored hard for the next half an hour. Melissa asked if she could check his heart rate and I told her no.
I told her that I knew that he was okay, and he was. I felt again after the next contraction and I was fully dilated. But wow I didn't want to do that again. The contractions came hard and strong, three in a row. He was coming soon I knew it.
I loved that no one was telling me what position to be in or what to do. I felt and trusted my body and Xander. We were doing it together so beautifully!
With the next contraction I decided that I would give a little push to see where Xander was. That was the most intense feeling I have ever felt. I could feel Xander moving in my body, coming down to meet me.
It was all over from there, I told Jack Thank God we aren't having anymore kids cause this shit hurts. I was vocalizing very loudly through each contraction and my body was pushing all on its own. I begged Jack, please babe it hurts make it stop.
Right then I remember hearing a pop sound, I said my water broke and oh shit I'm pooping. That sounds so funny to me now, oh shit I'm pooping. Okay...... I felt his head, so much hair he had. I could feel some tearing and I was scared that I was tearing by my clitoris. I tore so
bad with Otis that I was praying that I wouldn't have to deal with that kind of vaginal trauma. I pushed with all my might and his head came out. I of course wanted him out right then but my contractions slowed way down. I waited for the next contraction and birthed his
shoulders and when I could feel him moving out I yelled catch him Jack, catch him Jack, Jack are you catching him. I was facing the other way so I had no idea, As soon as I felt him fully out I turned over and Jack handed me my beautiful boy. We did it, we did it. I birthed him, hes here. He
has so much hair and he feels tiny and yup, I checked hes a boy! Wow, I got my water birth!!!!!!!!!! We both stared at our sweet boy with Awe, he was earth-side and I wasn't pregnant forever. Xander pinked up nicely and was doing wonderfully. I pushed all of ten minutes and my mw's were there
for less than an hour before I had him! I felt amazing. I birthed the placenta, ouch that didn't feel so great and those after pains kicked my butt. But my babe was here and my family was complete.

Right after giving birth I remember asking Jack if he still wanted to be my husband ( because I was so mean earlier in birth) He looked at me and said, I'm your safe spot Ang, our home is your safe
place and you were giving birth to our son. Of course I want to be your husband, I'm proud of you and I love you. ( me= weeping tears, I'm one lucky girl)

We moved into the bedroom with Xander and his placenta and we stayed in bed as a family. Only one little guy missing. As much as I wanted and felt the need to have a lotus birth Jack and I both agreed that it
wasn't going to jive with our oldest son, as well as with the way I was feeling. Those after pains really hurt. So we kept Xander attached to his placenta for two hours and then cut his cord. I felt great that he got at least two hours with his placenta.
Jack and I kept saying how small his was but when we weighed him he isn't a little man really. 9lbs 14 oz, 22 inches long, and his head was a whole whopping inch less than Otis's, measuring in at 14 1/2 inches, Thank you xander, mommy appreciated that, lol!
He nursed right away laying in bed and is a mellow guy. And one heck of a boob man. He loves his nursies. At his three day home visit with the midwives he weighed 9lbs 12oz, yup that's right, hes only two ozs shy of his birth weight. Good work buddy!

I'm sure there is some that I missed, I do remember that when the contractions started getting more intense I pulled out my surrender book from my sweet friend Breana and read through it. What a gift you gave me B! It helped me through some contractions and also
reminded me that when times get intense as they will, to take some time for me. I loved it. Thank you so much.

We all are doing great and learning what life is like as a family of four.

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Angie, this is a wonderful birth! I'm so happy you got the birth you wanted. X is beautiful (saw the pic in the PDX chat thread). I can't wait to meet him...I'm going to bring you food as soon as I figure out the calendar

(Funny, but I said "I'm pooping!" during Chase's birth, too!

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Wonderful story!

I've had DH do a trial run with the tub multiple times because he's um, not exactly, mechanically inclined and could totally see me opting for the hospital instead of watching him struggle through the set-up while in labor!

Happy babymoon!

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OMG what an awesome birth story!! It's got it all, laughs, love, fear, anger, some more love, and a perfectly healthy mama & baby at the end!!
And I think I teared up the very most at the part where you desribed your husband's reaction to asking if he still wanted to be your husband.
: I'm so happy for you all. Thanks for sharing your birth story! I'm going to be taking mental notes from here on out on how you manage 2 babies.
I'm totally confused about how co-sleeping & night nursing will work...

Congratulations again! YAY XANDER!
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