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Would a midwife hire a CNA?

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I am going to get my CNA certificate soon, and the long term goal would be to be a CNM. I can't afford to to just go to nursing school and do it all at once. It seems like most people in my area who are CNAs work in nursing/assisted living homes and work up to being RNs there, but I am curious if it is possible to work with a midwife so I can be working in my desired field from the beginning. Do midwives even hire CNAs? If not, based on what I've read it seems like my best bet would be to work in L&D in a hospital.

Has anyone BTDT? Any advice?
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I am also a CNA and honestly have never heard of it.
I would look for a "midwifes assistant" position, having the CNA credential certainly can't hurt you. My friend took the EMT training certification and it made her very desirable to be hired as a midwifes assistant.

I always think of a CNA jobs in hospitals and other type of care facilities.

Maybe a large physician practice could use a CNA on staff.
I always think of a CNA jobs in hospitals and other type of care facilities.
That's what it seems like based on my research.

Thanks for the replies!
Most midwives I have worked with have a medical assistant to assist with office visits, but do not attend births.
I would hire a CNA who also had training as an EMT. My main assistant is my 27 yr. old daughter, who is a massage therapist, phlebotomist, and CNA. She is also the mother to my 3 grandbabies. Before she became ready to assist me, I had CNAs or others with some kind of medical training, including nurses.
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Iam midwife and a CNA. The training is good because you learn basic heath skills and emergancy life saving procedures. I have done mainly hospice work but many in our area are in OB,you can learn alot there and take what you need and apply it to midwifery. My assistances must know these basic things and most are taught in these classes. Cant hurt might help.
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