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Would a simple pouch-sling work ?

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If I were to make up a simple pouch-style sling, would that work for around-the house use ?

My baby is 4 months old, 18 pounds. I also have a 2 year old to run after.

I usually use our ring-sling because I can tighten it up a lot in front, which I like, but that takes time, and the tail gets twisted and such. Would a puch be secure enough ?
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For light housework with not too much bending over, my pouch works. If I'm doing a lot of bending over, I use my Wise Woman Sling which is a hybrid pouch, so I can tighten the outer rail fast without the fabric getting twisted, but I feel DS is more secure.

Can I get a link to the Wise Woman sling site ? I don't understand what a hybrid pouch means.
I should add too - I basically mean, I need something I can wear while I do things like

- prep breakfast / lunch / dinner
- do dishes or load (countertop) dishwasher
- do laundry (hanging onto a clothesline)
- sweep / mop / vacuum
I think that a simple pouch would work for that type of light housework. I just know that with the pouch, if I have to bend down to fill the dishwasher when my son is in tummy to tummy position, I have to keep my hand on DS' head to keep it from flopping back (3 mo old). With the Wise Woman Sling, I bring the outer rail up higher for head support and tighten so he is snugger against me, and I don't have to support his head if I bend over. The website to the Wise Woman Sling is
Okay - I checked out the link, but I don't see how it's any different than a normal ring-sling ??
On the website, check out the "Sling Design" page. It describes the WWS better than I can, but I'll try. The WWS has an actual "pocket" or pouch sewn into it where as a regular ring sling would just be fabric that you have to adjust yourself to make a "pocket" for your baby. Also, the tail is sewn in a way that it doesn't get twisted and also, there is less fabric going through the rings so it is easier to adjust.

It has a closed tail.

For the tasks you mentioned, I think a wrap or ABC for back carries would be a better choice. You can easily make a very inexpensive wrap. Check out

For ABC sewing instrux, look at
ITA with Kristy. I think you can use a pouch for all those things, but a wrap would be better. I have a Storchenweige - which rocks. I got it from
Wouldn't the wrap or ABC take even longer to put on and arrange than my ring sling ?
A wrap would take longer to put on, but if it's a stretchy wrap, once it's on, you can leave it on pretty much the whole day without redoing it. IME, I find that a wrap works best for hanging laundry, for everything else you mentioned, a pouch would also work. I LOVE my homemade stretchy wrap! I noticed that you're in Ontario--I got my t-shirt material at Fabricland for $1.99 a metre, so you might want to try there!
If about 20 seconds is too long than the mei tai isn't for you. lol It really is super easy to put on once you get the hand of it (may take a couple of tries but really, it isn't complicated). Then there shouldn't be any re-adjusting or slippage, unless you are wearing for hours and readjusting for comfort may be a good idea. It is so secure - probably like a wrap but you aren't totally wrapped up in it so I think it might be easier to get on and off.
I'm getting a Frankenkozy (sp?) from a local friend today to try out - we'll see how it goes.
The Baby Space is a hybrid like the WWS and it has an anatomy page that outlines each feature. Maybe you'll better understand what a hybrid is by looking at that?
Maybe I just wear my ring sling funny then - because I'm not seeing any difference other than the closed tail.
With your ring sling is there a seam in the length of the sling about where your baby's bottom would go? The difference between the two is that a hybrid has a seam and that seam is curved like with a pouch, unadjustable, tube-style sling. The pouch in the ring sling provides extra room for your child's body parts while using less fabric width. So there is a lot less fabric, but the space for your child. If you look on either mine or babyspaces sling design pages you'll see the curved seem in the sling. A regular ring sling will not have this curved seem.

I hope this makes sense, it is hard to explain. Many people will call or email me after they get their slings to say *OH! I get it now!* because it is quite different from a regular ring sling.
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