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would any fitted be good if letting babe go coverless

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i am trying to make my stash bigger and last longer more economical due to no washer and dryer in house and not many diapers on hand right now. But the problem is my daughter is wiggler it is hard to get to lay still for a diaper change. today i let her wear just a fitted with a doubler coverless and 15 minutes later she peed in it. go figure right. so now i love the idea and i am trying to decide what i should look for and what would be most economical? i dont think prefolds would be good cause she moves so much. what about prefitteds just as hard huh? or no?

Thoughts mamas
and maybe recommend good fitteds that are not expensive

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For coverless, my favorite are Little Beetle Originals. These will hold quite a bit before the pee escapes. They're fairly affordable and often available used on the TP. The ones with snaps or aplix might work best for your squirmy one.
Definitely a fitted that is absorbant! Going coverless always leaves open the possibility for lots of carpet cleaning, too, if you don't have a really good, absorbant diaper! :LOL

I say this from experience, of course. And I have white carpet.
Thank god for white vinegar and baking soda!
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Abi did good with ME OS and snap in liners. But she was only a medium wetter. If you get ME dipes it takes a long, long time to break them in, just FYI.
We always have a doubler in when going coverless!
That is the most important thing, I think. Most of our fitteds are fireflies and RB FLAGs. both seem to work great with a hemp doubler...or 2!
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I think that regardless of absorbency that a coverless dipe is going to be changed faster. I mean, once you see it's wet, you are going to change it, right?

Kissaluvs, Ecobabys, Happy Hempys (you could customize the absorbency on these), and Motherease Sandys/OS dipes are all great and affordable too.
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Sometimes I add a doubler, sometimes I don't. We have Italian tiled floors so it is easy to tell if she is wet :LOL

I prefer cute prints though when going coverless, or TDD prefolds
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My most absorbent and favorite fitteds seem to be my mudpies but they are a lil hard to get a hold of.
This is why I switched from fitteds to prefolds. My daughter can pee straight through any fitted! So, might as well save money and have pretty prefolds!
Now, my daughter can be quite the sqirmer too-I usually try to play a game w/ her or give her a 'diaper changes only toy" or something like that.
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just make sure you have a diaper thats snug on the legs!
Ecobaby one-size diaper is very absorbant. It barely gets damp on the outside from a few pees while my PFs are damp after one pee.
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