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to the hospital about the "prepared childbirth" class.<br>
When I was pg, dp and I took the class, and neither of us remember them saying much at all about circing. They are really doing a disservice to parents who would likely change their minds about circing if they knew the FACTS. I, for one, would have NOT decided to circ my son if I had known even a few of these facts.<br><br>
What I want to do is give them some ideas about info that ought to be included in the class-<br>
like the fact that the foreskin is useful, and actually helps protect and infant's penis from irritation and infection.<br>
And that an intact penis on an infant is easier to care for than a circed one.<br>
That the "cleaner" argument is easily taken care of by teaching a boy to clean it (boy, that's a novel idea)<br>
That even the aap says that the risks outweigh the medical benefits of circing. And some mention of the risks of serious complications, including death.<br>
That circ'ing causes pain, even with anesthesia, both during and after the surgery.<br>
That, in the world, there are fewer than 15% of babies being circumcised, and in the US, it's now less than half.<br><br>
Any other ideas? Or better ways to word what I want to say? Any opinions at all? Thanks

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I think all of those are important points. The theme I would start out with, though, that encompasses all of the above is INFORMED CONSENT - neither the class nor any information you received from the hospital set out for you the risks of the procedure and the functions of the foreskin, and as a result you signed your son up for elective, cosmetic surgery without all the facts you needed to have true informed consent.<br><br>
It goes beyond the childbirth class, although that's important too - the doctors and nurses you interacted with failed in their legal, medical, and ethical responsibility towards you.<br><br>
Why don't you email John Geisheker at Doctors Opposing Circumcision to see if he can send them a letter on informed consent? His email is <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> and he may be able to come up with a cannonball shot across the bow for them.<br><br>
Your letter should go to the CEO of the hospital, the risk manager, the head of OB, the head of Pediatrics, the childbirth class organizer, the ethics committee - address it to the CEO and cc all these people.<br><br>
Remember, these people are all about the bottom line. They really don't care whether the intact penis is easier to keep clean - they're in business to make money. Circumcisions will stop being an attractive money maker if they realize they are setting themselves up for lawsuits because they are failing to provide informed consent. One good lawsuit against the hospital would wipe out a ton of the profits from circumcision in defense costs, even if they won the case.

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When I was in business, I had to learn to write a business letter to survive. When you get down to it, it's pretty simple stuff.<br><br>
(1) Keep it as short as possible.<br>
(2) Write in conversational language. That is write it as if you were sitting in their office.<br>
(3) Make a very simple outline:<br>
(A) The first paragraph should tell them the purpose of your letter.<br>
(B) Each issue is covered in it's own paragraph<br>
(C) The last paragraph should be either a summation, a statement of agreement or what you expect or wish to happen as a result of your letter.<br><br><br>
That will cover all business correspondence. If its going snail mail, use 8 1/2" X 11" 20# bond paper or a similar stationery type paper and mail it in a #10 envelope. Be sure to pass it through a spell checker.<br><br>
If you will always follow that format, you will learn how to very quickly write business letters that will impress the recipent as professional.<br><br><br><br><br>
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