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Would like some opinions please.

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Ok, I went to see my midwife yesterday and asked if she is going to be present at the birth. A little background info: here in Sweden everyone sees a midwife and if necessary a doctor. You see the same midwife throughout your pregnancy but that midwife might not be at your labor and delivery. You could end up with a midwife you have never seen before. I really hate that aspect. midwife is Anthroposophical based and I think she rocks. I told her that I want a VBAC and she accepted that as if it were perfectly normal. She said that my broken pelvis is not a problem and even if I do develop high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, like I did in my last pregnancy, we can still try for a vaginal birth.

Now in order for her to be present at my labor and delivery we will need to pay 4, 000 SEK, or approximately 530 USD. If we do that we will get a "home birth experience in a hospital" with her present. I would love to have a home birth but dh is nowhere near as "crunchy" as I am and isn't comfortable with a VBAC at home. Also, the hospital we would have to go to is not close.

I didn't think dh would go for it but he said that we can take a short term loan to cover the costs. He said that he feels if having her there will help me have the birth I want then 4,000 SEK is worth it.

Should I go for it or just take my chances at the local hospital?
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If you can swing the $$ I'd definately do it. Not only will you have the midwife that want, but you'll eliminate any worries about who you might end up with near the end, yk? I think that would stress me out.
Oh goodness, go for it. Sounds to me like it's what you really want and that seems REALLY important to me in this process. Also, although it's a fair quantity of money, it's not like it's going to make you guys completely broke. So yeah, I say go for it.
There would be no doubt in my mind if I was in your shoes. Your mental comfort level is well worth the $$. And just think of all of the $$ you'll be 'saving' if you breastfeed...that $500usd would be GONE in a year on formula alone...
See...I love to rationalize my money away!
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I would totally do it, too. Anything to guarantee (as much as possible) the kind of birth you want! The money would be so worth it in the end!
Yes, do it! Our insurance didn't cover the birth of our dd (we hadn't had it long enough) and we paid about $4,000 for a natural water birth with a midwife at a small, rural hospital. It was worth it. My dh was comfortable with the level of care and I loved the midwife
. So $500? Nothing! Go with her!
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I would *totally* go for it, if there's any way at all that you can raise the sounds as though your midwife is really in tune with your needs and hopes, and I jist can't see that being something that you would regret.
Absolutely worth $530 to ensure that your midwife will be there.

When I had dd1 (my only hospital birth of the three kids), we were in a midwife practice that delivered in the hospital. You chose a midwife but had to meet all seven of them, as you got whoever was on call the day you delivered (they each had a day of the week). So getting "your" midwife was a 1/7 chance. Not good. Of the seven, I really liked two, thought three were fine, and hated two. Ugh. When I was quite far into labor at home, and dh thought we should go to the hospital but I didn't (it was about 10 hours into labor), I had him call to see who was on call.
It was my midwife! We went and had a great birth. Later he said he would have said it was her no matter who it was as he was freaking out and needed to convince me to go to the hospital. Now before you think too badly of him, this is the same man who caught dd2 in a freestanding birth center, and was totally supportive of a homebirth with dd3. He came a long way, baby!

But worrying about which midwife we'd get was a major stress for me. I say pay the $530 and know you'll have the one you want!
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Thanks for all the replies. I think it is something that we are going to do. Because although I really really want a VBAC I can't rule out the possibility of a section. And when I asked her about it she said that if she is present there is ALWAYS skin to skin contact as soon as the baby is delivered. Something I did not have with my daughter....I didn't hold her for hours after she was born. Hours.

I just feel that anything I can do to increase my chances of a VBAC, or at least a happy c-section, is worth it. I'm very happy dh feels the same way.
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Originally Posted by sunshine*girl
And when I asked her about it she said that if she is present there is ALWAYS skin to skin contact as soon as the baby is delivered. Something I did not have with my daughter....I didn't hold her for hours after she was born. Hours.

For this reason alone, I'd definitely say do it! I know what you mean about not being able to hold the baby. I didn't have a C-section, but my baby was born at 29w4d, so I didn't get to hold him until the next day. They simply wrapped him up in a blanket, held him out for me to kiss him on the forehead, then they whisked him away to the NICU. It was necessary in that case, but it was still really hard, and it really made it hard for me to feel like a mother and bond with him. That first couple days, I really didn't feel like I'd just had a baby... I got to hold him for such a short time the 2nd day, and it was just really hard to bond. I think I finally started feeling like a mother when he was about 3 weeks old, at a point where he was moved to the Pediatric ICU as an overflow baby (they had 11 sets of twins and were running out of NICU space!), and up there, they let me hold him for several hours at a time, and I could just sit and watch TV while holding my baby all day. Really made a difference. He came home at 4 weeks old.

So yes, definitely hire this midwife, and know that you'll get to hold your baby even if you have a repeat C-section. But hopefully you'll get a VBAC!!!
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