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Would love your help about vacation in Kauai in Late august early sept

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Hello ladies,

My df and I are takeing our first family vacation with the little one. He will be ten months old when we leave. We deided on Kauai because it is so beautiful in the pics that I see.

Was wondering if you have any tips on where to stay or what to see. Since we will have the baby we wont be up for much. But I would like a day or two of sight seeing. What town do we stay in? Where are the best restauraunts, and farmers markets.

Any help would be great.
Thanks a million,
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Hi Angie ~

We vacationed in Kauai with df last year. We stayed at . I highly recommend it!
We didn't want to stay at a resort type place and this b&b was perfect! She runs an organic farm and co-op from her house, too, and when you stay there you can go out and pick veggies for your meals. It was a dream!

We spent our entire 10 days on the north and east shore - never made it south/east of Lihue - and never needed to. It was so beautiful, so green.... but I live in brown Arizona, so we really like green! If you live somewhere green and rainy, you might enjoy the south more because it's drier from what I hear.

For entertainment, we went to a beach every morning and then out to lunch then maybe did some stores (thrift stores were our favorites!) then back to the cottage where we made dinner and passed out.

You will have a great time!
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I've lived on O'ahu for four years now - so I'm not exactly a tourist, but I'm not exactly kama'aina either. Kauai is really pretty small, so you can easily tootle around the island no matter where you stay. I visited a couple years ago and stayed at the Koloa Landing Cottages with my husband and my parents. The proprietor truly shares her aloha with you, and puts you at ease from the moment you arrive. The cottages are plenty spacious and several (if not all) have kitchens. Laundry is also available. There's no concierge or anything super fancy in the way of services, but the lodging is truly peaceful. This isn't the place to go if you want to be pampered day and night, but if you want a break from the bustle and a taste of what Hawaii is really like -- this is the place. The tourist hotels are nice in their own way, but they don't really give you the flavor of real Hawaii.

One downside is that the cottages are not on the beach, and none has a view of the water -- so if that is important to you, stay elsewhere. The cottages are within easy walking distance (three city blocks maybe? four?) of a beach access (all beaches in Hawaii are public), so it is very very easy to get to the water. But you won't be overlooking it.

PS If your vacation falls toward the middle to end of October, by any chance, bring an umbrella or two!

Here's their website --
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