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Would this idea make me a complete idiot?

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I've fallen in love, hopelessly since I stink at HC stalking, with KiwiPie covers...

I really want a mountain of covers with an equally gigantic mountain of snap-in contours.

I'm thinking of doing a coupla things -
1) making my own contours to fit the lone snapinable KP I just bought off the TP (a dear WAHM friend owns a snap press) but I'm not super focused on that since I don't think I'd have too much trouble acquiring the contours at a stocking.

2) - now this is the potentially crazy part - I'm considering adding snaps to some other wool covers (KP) that don't have contour snaps

Would you alter your covers? How would it affect resale value? And would you do it to an El Bee wooly bully?

And are WIO worth the effort, even? I mean, do they work okay for you mamas that have them? What makes the difference between a goodn and a badn?

If I make my own contours I'm thinking 3 layers of sherpa, broad across the bum, wide in the front, with a lay-in doubler of 1 layer sherpa topped with OV.

I'm just realizing that maybe this should be in the regular diapering section or diaper making?
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I personally wouldnt put any holes in my wooly bullys, especially since the tabs are so long. But if I had an extra cover just laying around I would maybe practice on that.
If I did attempt to make wio's I would only make a snap in diaper that would actually hold major poos (like kp snap-ins) not just lay in contours. Its a pita washing poop out of wool.

I would not buy a cover that had been altered in anyway concerning the snaps unless it was done by the original wahm.

Keep stalking the tp, wool covers are constanly being listed. Get on any wahms yahoo groups to get stocking info so you have better luck at hyenacart.
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so basically... yes, i'm an idiot?

I should know better ... I don't buy altered dipes ...
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Ok, bear with me, but I'm not totally getting what you want to do other than add snaps to an existing wool cover. Are you trying to avoid spillage, let's say, onto your wool cover, that's why you want to add the snaps? Is shifting the issue? If you're concerned with spillage or overflow of poo (beautiful mental picture here, lol), why don't you just make some mini dipes with the elasticized legs? They would help keep in any messes, and also reduce shifting. That way, you don't have to worry about adding snaps and they can be used with multiple wraps. I don't use any type of snap or fastener with my wool wraps/covers, and don't have issues with shifting....messes sometimes do spill over, but that's par for the course with an infant.

Carson ~~
I would not alter dipes... like you said you wouldn't buy them... You'll get some kiwis if you keep looking, honest! I used to feel like you and my time came
: keep your ISO bumped on the tp... heck what size are you looking for again?? I probably have something I don't really need...

and I don't like wool in ones myself! just MHO but I have too many leakage problems with them and not so with fitted or prefolds... can't say why... maybe they don't give us a great fit??


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I personally would not either. I think the resale value would plummet. I would make the snap ins to fit the cover though. I think that would be okay as long as the cover had the snaps already.

Be patient and post a iso list on tp and I am sure you will get some offers. I have sold brand new KP covers for different reasons and I read the post over there and pm the posters with what I have. Give it a try.

I'm feeling better already! One cover and maybe 2 snap-in contours!
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