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Would you allow your child to be talked to this way or am I just being crazy?

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So I signed up my son (26 months) for mom & tot gymnastics class. He took gymnastics back when he was 16 months-20 months but then we quit due to scheduling even though he loved it. Now I decided to sign him again-only the original place is no longer doing the class for children under 3, so I had to find a new place. So the class starts and we all walk in the gym (there are about 8 other kids in the group) My ds is the only new person. I tell the instructors (there are 2) right away not to touch him. If he needs to be guided physically to let me do it because he doesnt like for strangers to touch him. They say ok. We're waiting for everyone to get into the gym and ds starts walking onto a mat. One of the instructors grabs his hand and pulls him towards me. DS starts crying and I say "did you forget that I just said not to touch him?" and she replies "well you need to keep closer tabs on him"

Fine. next they have some sort of obstacle type course they have to do. DS isnt at all intersted as he sees other things he's rather do. But I try to coax him into doing it. When he isnt cooperating the instructor gets a really mean sounding voice repeating his name over and over and over and says "DS do you need to sit in the corner???"
and I say "excuse me but you will not be discplining my child in that way" and she says "Well mom he needs to learn how to follow directions. He is obviously lacking in that area. How do you expect him to go to school, if he cant behave?"

So I picked ds up walked to the front desk, asked for money back, got it and left.

Am I overreacting?
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Hell, no! Good for you. I think 3 yrs is a bit young for boot camp.
No you are NOT overreacting! OMG!!!!!!! I would have been furious. He is TWO!!!! Sounds like a way too structured class anyhow. Arrrgggghh!I am frusterated for you.
Ah, not overreacting at all. In fact I think you should inform every parent you know in the area, and write letters to local newspapers about it. Be sure to forward copies of the letters to the place you signed up for the class.
You did NOT overreact! It is crazy to think a 2yo should be able to follow directions like that - especially from a stranger. I think you will be better off to find another class (with more patient/kind instructors) or wait until your dc is a bit older. Sorry you had to go through that! But good job on sticking up for you and your child!
I am glad you walked out. That was a teacher who obviously didnt really know kids and how to work with them. I wonder how many other 2 yr olds they are disciplining and prodding into 'proper' behavior??
I hope other parents follow your lead.
So because he wasn't interested in their little routines, he was misbehaving? What morons!
You are not overreacting and if I were you I would file a formal complaint with whoever runs these classes. "How do you expect him to go to school"... there are too many things wrong with that to list.
If your child was six, perhaps it would have been appropriate to be a bit fussy at him (and not talk to him in such a manner, even then!) But at TWO! I am amazed that someone would be so rude, disrespectful and just plain wrong to a two year old. Geez.
All the other parents were looking at me like ds was posessed and before class they were all gushing to me about how great the instructors are. So I guess they all approve of this sort of thing...
wow, i dont post a whole lot, but I need to post on this. HOW INSANE! I teach little kids and this is JUST CRAZY. What a horrible place!!! We go to the little gym and gymboree and never teacher has ever TOUCHED my son unless they are spotting him for something and I physically can't do the spotting. WOW...I am just amazed why some people work with kids.
I teach toddler and preschool movement classes (dance, gymnasics, etc). That teacher was out of line! I'm glad you left.
It's hard to believe that at 26 months, a child would be able to follow such directions to a "T" even if they 100% wanted to. My DD surely wouldn't have been able to. Good job for sticking up for your son and leaving.
That would not have gone over at all with me and my 4.5 yo, either. I feel so bad for the rest of the kids in the class, thinking it's ok or normal to be treated like that.
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Well NOpe I don;'t think you over reacted and
: at the teacher.. Though I will admit I'm a bit confused on the no touching thing like I get why.. but to me I'd say that indicates hes not ready I can't imangine a "spor' where the teacher couldn't touch the child at all.. I've not seen a toddler gym class so maybe I'm just not picturing it. Though I still totally think the instructor was WAY out of line..
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That's crazy and her expectation of a two year old are two high not to mention her nasty discipline, attitude, ignoring your instructions and being rude to you. I feel sorry for the other kids if their parents think the way she is acting is ok. Your son was acting perfectly normal for his age, she's the one that needs to grow up.
What a weird society we live in, where the way a child acts at 2 supposedly is indicative of how he will behave or succeed in school. Cuckoo!
Good for you for walking out!
I would have too! That teacher was WAY out of line..Did you tell the director? I wouldnt want someone someone like that working for me. Very unprofessional!
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