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Would you buy a used stroller?

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Just wondering if you would ever buy a used stroller or if thats something you would buy new? I have an ergo but my ds doesnt like it to much yet. I need to get out of the house and hes a big boy to carry so we want to get a stroller but it wont be used very much so I dont want to spend alot on a new one, but I will if its not safe to buy a used one. Of course I would check it out and make sure it was safe.

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My kids are past stroller age but I would definitely buy a used stroller.
Definitely. As long as it looks to be in good condition I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe check all the bolts and stuff just to make sure there are no missing pieces, and make sure all plastic parts are in good shape.
DEFINITELY!!! As long as it collapses and has working belts, it should be great!
Buying secondhand is the only way I can really afford my stroller addiction.

Check the stroller over carefully for signs of wear and wonky wheels. Look very closely at the wheels and see if they are wearing evenly. Look for cracked or faded plastic, which is a sign of stress. Check the brakes over, and make sure the tabs that actually sit in the notches to lock the wheels are not showing too much wear or stress marks that would indicate they are about to snap off.

Generally, higher-end strollers (Pegs, Macs, etc) will stand up to more than one kid far better than the more standard Gracos and Evenflos. They also have higher weight limits, which could be important if you have a big kid.
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oh thank you for the responses, I do have a big guy
, what stroller do you like the best?
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What about a cheaper umbrella-type stroller?
I would - and have. We got a great secondhand umbrella stroller with a basket underneath and shade above for like $5 used and it works and looks great!
I wouldn't have a problem buying a used stroller. You can check garage sales and thrift stores. If you're not sure about checking it for safety by yourself, you could go to a consignment shop like Once Upon a Child. The Once Upon a Child stores I've visited check things over before they agree to sell them to make sure they're not broken or unsafe.
I own two strollers. One is a peg perego that can face pram-style or forward, which was a gift from my MIL. She bought it on EBAY. Only prob w/ it is that the quick collapse doesn't work, and it doesn't really have any easy alternative mechanism to collapse it--you have to stick fingers in places fingers ought not go.

My other stroller I reclaimed from beside the dumpster at our old apartment complex. It was dirty, looked like it had been left outside a while, but I cleaned it up and it was fine. It was more practical for me at that point because it was lighter weight to take on/off the bus. The only thing wrong with it as far as I could tell was that the quick-collapse didn't work, but it had nice, big plastic thingies to grab on the sides to collapse it so was still easy to deal with. Also DD was 9mo. at that point and sitting up well, so it's upright forward-facing position was fine (it was lightweight/simple, but not an umbrella stlye). Also it had a bigger basket, and I only use the stroller for when we'll be out all day, usually with our lunch, etc. with us, or on a major shopping trip.
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A used stroller is probably the best baby item to purchase used. Just make sure the cloth can be taken off and washed. And double-check that the wheels roll very smoothly (compare it to other strollers first, with your child in them and that there isn't sand or dirt in the wheel bearings. Also, check for rust on the metal around the wheels.

If you have Freecycle in your area, you could just post saying you'd like a baby stroller and see what happens.

Good luck!
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Sure why not as long as its in like new condition.
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