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I have been noticing my 3yo do some things that I find just fascinating, but am not sure if they are really "gifted" or not...though he may be gifted in his spacial/visual something or other? Sorry, I am not versed in this subject at all

First, let me tell you that he was a late talker. He didn't say any words until after two, and didn't really fully start talking until about three. He seems to have a *very* vivid imagination and is often making up stories, memorizing words to songs that he hears on the radio, ect.

So the other day, we were playing and he got out one of his older brother's puzzles - it was like a 20 piece jigsaw puzzle. I was reading a book to my dd, and I asked him to wait and I would help him with it in a second. After I finished, I turned around and saw that he had put the whole thing together himself! A three year old did this. And he'd never done the puzzle before.

I also noticed another interesting thing the other day. We were playing legos and he was putting long pieces of legos onto one big square piece. We only had three long pieces and you need four to cover the whole square. He was getting quite upset because we didn't have all the pieces. I suggested a few options to him, ie -use two medium pieces to make a long piece, or four small pieces to make a long piece. He was still upset and sorta freaking out, so I told him to figure it out himself. He sat there pouting for a minute and I went to do something else. Finally, he came to show me that he figured it out. He had used 16 small legos to fill the square, and not only that - he arranged them in a pattern!

I dunno, maybe it's just because I'm his mom, but this just seems out of the ordinary to me. I have three children and I've worked at a preschool for the past couple of years, and I've never really seen a 3yo do stuff like this. But I wouldn't say that he's a genius or anything - he really cannot grasp the concept of letters or numbers at all! And he just figured out how to ride a trike. So it seems like with some things he's a little behind and with others he's just way out there.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knows which part of the brain is used in solving puzzles - especially visually and if there's anything I can do to work with him on it, since he really seems to enjoy it

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I'm no expert, but these skills definitely seem unusual for a 3yo.

I don't know much about areas of the brain -- but am interested in learning 'cause my 20-month-old seems to be pretty unique in her approach to language. She has a strong urge to communicate, but much of the time her words are very hard to understand. She grows in this area everyday, but I'm wondering if the difference between her and her big sister (who was speaking much more clearly by this time) has something to do with Baby being more visual whereas Big Sister may be more auditory. I'm not sure.

Baby LOVES music though -- and also looking at pictures in books and "singing" the stories to herself; it's only recently that she's started sometimes enjoying having me read to her. She's also extremely sensitive to some loud noises, so I don't think there's a hearing problem -- maybe just a difference in focus which resulted in her not concentrating her efforts on word pronunciation as early as Big Sis did.

But she's real, real interested in her Mega-Blocks piano. She likes for me to make up songs to the notes she plays, or sing along with the tunes she can play by pushing a button. Her big sister was interested in books much earlier, but didn't seem as into the singing -- though she is kinesthetically gifted and loves to dance, something my younger enjoys as well.

I'm subscribing to this thread, and am eager to learn from the OP and everyone.

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Interesting mammal mama, that is exactly how my son was. We actually had him go through speech therapy because he would just talk and talk, but nobody could understand him. He also loves music.

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There are so many links on the Hoagiesgifted website that I don't even know which one to post
: , but it is a good site for getting your questions answered about whether gifted is the term that describes what you are seeing in your child. This page is a good place to start in regard to identification.

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Creative thinking and production
# is fluent in producing and elaborating on ideas
# makes unusual associations between remote ideas
# is flexible in thinking patterns
# senses when problems exist
# acts spontaneously, intuitively
# tolerates ambiguity and uncertainty
# senses inconsistencies and discontinuities
# readily guesses and makes hypotheses
# juggles or redefines elements of a problem or task
# can show intense concentration on a task
# retains own ideas in a discussion or collaboration
# provides mulitple solutions or responses to problems
# is uninhibited in expression, sometimes radical
# is intellectually playful, interested in fantasy, imagination
# always trying to adapt or improve things
# has a keen sense of humour, seeing humour in situations others don't
# doesn't mind being different
# doesn't accept authoritarian pronouncements without own judgement
# asks provocative questions, challenges parents, teachers, written and other authorities
# is bored with memorisation and recitation
# displays energy, somtimes disruptively
# produces unexpected, sometimes "silly" responses
# is considered, and perhaps resented, by some peers as "crazy"
# can show unusual degrees of originality, concentration and persistent hard work on projects that capture their interest and imagination
Interesting. This is from the site you posted and would really describe my son! Thanks for the link.
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