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Would you do this?

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I want to do a bit of a poll I hope it is ok if I post this here if not will someone please move it to were it should be.

When my daughter was about 2yo I took her to the dentist because she had a extra tooth come in. While we were there a woman brought in her 5-6 yo daughter to get work done not sure what kind but for it they gave her gas i guess.
At any rate she was out of it for awhile. Her mom left her in a room with the dentist and came back out to the waiting room she was crying and obviously upset. At the time I was thinking how could she leave her child alone with someone like that? The dentist wasnt giving me bad vibes or anything but still. I could never ever leave my child in a room like that with a dr alone. After all the stories I have heard about what can happen.
I can understand a major surgery were the child is under anethesia with others present in the room.

So my ? is would u leave your child alone in a room (with a closed door) with a dr or someone like that? Or am I just over reacting a bit.
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No, but then again I am biased. My dentist abused me when I was six, when I was left alone with him for major extraction work. I was scared and crying, and I he lost his temper and began shaking me and even slapped me. I was terrified. It still makes it difficult to go to a dentist for me. No way would I send a small child in alone.
Absolutely not! Maybe this mama was one of those who listens to what doctors say, w/out knowing she has a right to refuse.
I have a very good relationship with my dentist and would never worry about leaving my child with her... of course it might help that my dentist is a woman but I try to only see care professionals that I feel I can trust. I am well aware of the risk of abuse but that doesn't mean I can't turn my back for a minute. I am sure that momma was doing what she felt comfortable doing.
No, but not because I don't trust my dentist. I would never leave my DD alone in such a traumatic situation, whether she were awake or not. What if she woke up disoriented and I wasn't there with her??
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No way! But I guess a lot of parents don't feel that way because I had to call almost every ped. dentist in the phone book to find one that DIDN'T have a 'no parents in the room policy'
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The little girl when they brought her out was crying and she looked so pittiful the detal assitant was holding her but the mother hadnt been called back yet. I am not sure the mother was comfortable leaving her back there since she was crying really hard about it in the waiting room I guess I just assumed that the dentist had a policy of no parents in the room. Cause of the way the mother was acting. Since my daughter was just looked at I was back there.
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