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would you get diaper service?

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would you get diaper service if it was available in your area, you could afford and you were going bakc to work in a few months?
my sis says its not worth the money and never showed up on time but my suspicion is it would be helpful!
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It was given to us for three months and it was really nice, but I wouldn't pay for it myself. And we have enough cloth dipes this time around so I am going to request not to be given it again. It was really handy for the first babe though and since I ended up having a kidney infection at the time of birth and was really sick for the first couple weeks pp it was VERY nice to have.

We also EC'd so we used a TON of diapers in the first couple months (like 90 a week - 70 from the DS), but by the end we were using maybe 25 a week and the DS still had the same base cost so it wasn't worth it at ALL after the first two months.

love and peace.
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I would if I didn't have a washer/dryer or clothesline available... I have a friend who has used one here and she said it cost about the same as using sposies, but she prefers cloth over sposies. She also only used it for the first year when her kids were going through tons of diapers.
I had a diaper service for the first 6 months with DD (13 1/2 years ago!) and I loved it. Dipes were always on time, were cheaper than sposies, and I didn't have to wash them. After 6 months, we bought a house and had a washer and dryer, so I bought my own stash and started doing them myself. If there was a diaper service available here, I would sign up for at least a month or two, just until we're back on our game around here. :)
I'm planning to use one. The one we'll use allows you to adjust the number of dipes you want pretty often. We plan to EC, so we are guessing that we will be using a LOT of diapers in the beginning as we learn cues and timing, and then it will taper off from there. We will be first time parents, and we wanted to make the initial adjustment as simple as we possibly could while still using cloth, and cost wasn't a big issue for us.

We live in an apartment with a communal washer/dryer in the basement, and while we COULD wash diapers there, I would feel a little bad about taking up the machines all the time. Our entire building just has two machines, and they seem to always be in use. Plus you can't do a pre-soak cycle in them.
Had one and loved it. I have access to a washer this time around so we're actually buying a stash of cloth, but the diaper service was great.
I used one last time and I LOVED it! At about 9 months, I wanted to try some different thinkg like fitteds and hemp. (they used white prefolds). What I found out is, I liked prefolds the best and I HATED washeing diapers.
I would use it again but they went out of business.
I wouldn't unless I knew for sure what cleaning products they used. I had a diaper service for two months back when my first was born 14+ years ago and they overbleached everything! I cannot imagine knowing what I know now putting a bleached diaper on my baby's bottom.

It is pretty easy for me to wash diapers myself so I wouldn't do it. I also have a pretty good stash of diapers despite not diapering my son as a newborn, and we have a pretty good wash routine down. If I were using cloth for the first time, I might for the first few months, though.
The only thing I would question is the chemmies being used.
Personally, no. Because of the bleach and other chems they use.

But I think they have their place.

Originally Posted by flowers View Post
The only thing I would question is the chemmies being used.
Just saw that.

Right on
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I had a diaper service for the first year and it was not worth the money. Half the time they didn't show up and I ended up washing the diapers myself (they would credit me that weeks cost) and then they usually didn't give me enough diapers. Once I started washing my own diapers I wished that I had not waited a year. Washing your own diapers if you have your own washer/dryer/clothesline is really not that hard, I like it. I do have to say that a DS for the first couple of months is really nice but only if they are reliable!
Nope...even if I didn't have my own washer and dryer. They use loads of chemicals to clean them, and they want them to be kept in a wet pail. Wet pails WREAK!!! I also don't think they are worth the money spent....JMO.
I seriously considered all the options with cd's last time and I'm glad I went with sposies in the beginning - not just for marconium. DS was in size 4's by 4months! Once he got that far along he wore them for a year so it may be a better investment to wait and meet your baby to meet their needs. I'm not buying anything until I actually need it this time.
We had diaper service last time. Never had problems with not showing up, they were always on time, and I could adjust the numbers any time I wanted to. We did not have to soak them. As far as chemicals, I would call the local diaper service and ask what they use...not all load up on tons of chemicals, though some do. And speaking of chemicals...ever check out what is put into disposables??? Now that grosses me out much more!

It was wonderful for the first few months!!! Baby goes through so many diapers at that time. It is great when you are recovering and trying to adjust. This time around, we will most likely use diaper service for the first couple of months while we are adjusting to the new presence of baby. After that, I am off to do my own diapers! I just want some help at first.

I do think it is worth the money! I think, if done properly, it saves on money rather than buying disposables. Especially if you are able to wash them yourselves. Not to mention....much better for the environment!
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I used a service for dd's entire diapering life, and for the first 2 months of ds' diapered life. At that point they stopped delivering to my area and there was only one other choice (which I didn't like), so I invested in my own prefolds and started doing my own wash. I was fine with washing, but I have to admit that I really missed the service sometimes when ds was eating solids and pooping 4 times a day

I think if you can afford it and you can find a service that's reliable and not too expensive, go for it. It's nice. Oh, and you have to be okay (usually) with just prefolds, but they have worked great for us over the years. You can still get cute covers.
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I used one for my first for 15 months. I loved it. Our service was always on time. And if we forgot to put out the diapers for the driver he always knocked and waited for us.
I am about to call the dipe service to ask about chemicals, detergent, and bleaching. any other questions I should ask them?
BTW. I know many of you are amazing - sewing your own slings, making own dipes, all yourself. I just don't have the energy for all the stuff you guys do and will be going back to work so I am really hoping the dip service is not using icky chemies. I doubt I will ever be the mom that likes doing diaper washing.
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I used Bottoms Up in Chicagoland for dd1 and dd2, and loved it. The cost is around $16/week, and there is a 'buy 11 weeks get the 12th free' discount', which we took advantage of. It is a dry pail operation, and they do use bleach followed by a de-chlorinating rinse. We never had any chemical-ly diapers, just as clean or more so than when I've washed my own. We also never had any problems with deliveries. If anything, we were the ones who would forget to put the bag of dirties out the night before pick-up/delivery time (4 am). So our driver would ring the bell and send dh scrambling to take the dipes down to him.

Find out the reputation of the service you're considering, their methods, and go from there. If there were a service in our current area, I would buy three months worth, even though I now have my own w/d. If someone is throwing you a shower, ask for weeks on your diaper service. I got over four months worth this way with dd1. Bottoms Up did a registry for me.
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