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would you make in changes to your diet for nursing during pregnancy?

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This is a long ways off as we aren't planning to TTC for at least another year, but I have always been concerned with the nutritional aspects of nursing during pregnancy--I am afraid if anything was lacking in my diet the new babe would suffer for it. The food aversions and morning sickness in my first pregnancy don't help ease my concerns (meat and vegetable aversions the whole pregnancy).

So...if you are/have/plan to nurse during pregnancy, what if any changes are you making to your diet to ensure proper nutrition for everybody?
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pregnancy and lactation diets are pretty close to each other in regards to needs. both focus on predominently the same nutrients, though lactation generally calls for lower amounts. THat is, pregnancy diets are usually 1 plus 1/10 (so, normal caloric intake plus 1/10) so a 2000 cal diet would be 2200 during pregnancy. Whereas a lactation diet is typically (or appears to be) roughly one and 1/20, so a 2000 cal diet would be 2100 cals. And of course, those extra 200 or 100 cals would be nutrient specific to the pregnancy or lactation needs.

you could, concievably, combine the two if you are both pregnant and nursing--thereby having a diet that, assuming your base diet is 2000 cals, would be 2300 cals.
Do you have any links to sources for those numbers? They sound really low. I've heard 500 extra calories/day for pregnancy, and 300/day for nursing (or vice versa, can't remember).
I'm eating far more fat than I ever have, and way less carbs and protein-I actually made the change and was consistent with it about 8 weeks before I got preggo-I've never had a moment of morning sickness. Whether that was due to diet or luck or some combination I don't know...

When baby gets here I plan to eat even more fat-if I can, and eggs, even though I really don't like them that much, I know they're good for him
: so I will. (Oh the sacrifices...)

I also started CLO and taking tons of B complex before I got preggo, as well as lots of minerals trying to get rid of restless leg syndrome that was driving me
: that may have been a factor in the MS as well, dunno. Kept it up tho after I found I was pg.

Have no clue how many calories I get...

might check the wap website for their recommendations too....
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More calories are needed for nursing than for pregnancy. During the first trimester no extra calories are needed unless you're starting off underweight. 2nd and 3rd trimester require 200-300 daily extra cals. Nursing requires an extra 300-500 daily calories.
DD2 is 2 months old and I nursed my (now) 3 year old while pregnant, though she cut down to about once a day when supply was low (she nurses three times a day). It was easy- still is - way easier than the first. I didn't do prenatals, but CLO, floradix, and a multimineral, sometimes extra calmagzinc. I read over the WAP and Brewer diets. I gorged on farm eggs alot, but really I would just try to reach for NTish high protein/high fat whenever hungry, and cook and snack as NT as I could. I don't tend toward morning sickness, but a real food, (not chemical) bvitamin, and protein and potassium (nut butter and a banana!) in the morning before the eggs got rid of any trace of it. If you have yeast issues, constant KEFIR.
i do have a source for the numbers, and it's better to use a ratio than it is a calorie estimation--because it's adjustable.

i may have mistaken the lactation ratio--but i know that the pregnancy ratio is 1 and 1/10 meaning you take 1/10 of your 'regular' caloric intake and then add that to your caloric intake. i'll look up the lactation ratio again.

300 calories may be overeating for some women, it may be undereating for other women. it entirely depends upon the individual metabolism.

but, i'll find the sources and recheck the information about the lactation ratio.
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