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I would and I do

Sleeping through the night isn't something babies are designed to do. And the constant bfing only adds to the overall health of the baby, your bf relationship, your supply and reduces your chances of developing breast cancer. You haven't "made" her any way, she is just doing what babies naturally do and would do if more parents followed the research and their urges and coslept. Giving it to her at the first peep is also really good for her emotoinal development. If you would like to lengthen her periods of sleep between feeds, you can try other ways of settling her in the bed with you. You can pat, cuddle, rock, sing, talk or soothe her any other way and maybe she'll be happy enough to go back to sleep with that reassurance that you're there. Sometimes it might work and sometimes it won't. I've tried using other techniques with my son (just over 12 months old) but the quickest and least disruptive to my sleep is to just whack him on the boob in the dark and go back to sleep. Sometimes I slide his dummy in when he's finished and he snuggles up to me very happily.

Having coslept with your baby it's unlikely that she will suddenly sleep longer and nurse less if you move her into a cot now. It could well make many sleepless nights for you both. Cosleeping isn't always easy but the health benefits, both physical and emotional have always made up for this with us. My son has woken every 2 hours (or more often in growth spurts) his whole life. It's only been about a month now when his sleep periods have lengthened to around the 4 hour mark. But generally I haven't felt sleep deprived because cosleeping has made feeding him back to sleep so easy. Yes sometimes it has snuck up on me and I feel like crap but I think I would feel a lot worse if he was in another bed and I had to get out of bed to feed him. Ugh!

Maybe Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution would be comforting and interesting to you.

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