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Have a Gypsymama gauze custom
, and actually just ordered a second (a "plain" one) from one of the gypsymama distributors.
Love adore crazy about the feel of the gauze and just the beautiful wrap.

Also have an Ellaroo wrap. Loving it ... but am finding it also has a learning curve just with keeping the edges/rails holding everyone and everything in the right way, and I didn't have that situation with the gypsymama gauze.

Maybe the gauze is more "slippery," but I think maybe that's not the right word, because it's not actually slippery and that word might imply some sort of dangerous situation which doesn't exist. Okay. Maybe "slide-y" is a better word. Or nonword.

Does anyone get my point?

Anyway, have heard people compare the Girasol fabrics, or the Storchenwhoever, or the Didymos, or the or the or the ... is there anyone who's done comparisons? And what do you find the differences to be? And which do you prefer?

Just rambling.

Addictions'll do that to ya'.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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