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I had a doctor appt last week, I have been risked out of my family practice due to high blood pressure
My doctor was nice, she wouldn't bend on her rules this time but after talking to her I think I can get her to be a little more lax with my "care plan". She first told me I will deliver between 34 & 47 weeks b/c of my pressure which isn't even very high so I told her why make all of these plans now b/c there might not even be a problem then, she finally said if I go to 41 on my own that is fine but she isn't comfortable with anything over 41.5. I have never made it to 40 weeks with my other kids so hopefully that won't be an issue. She said all bets are off if I start spilling protein or my liver functions mess up, which in that case I ackowledge there would need to be some sort of interventions. I did have to have an ultrasound, I figured I could let it slide since she was actually listening to me and writing things down that I later signed. I will probably have to have another down the road to check cervical length and thickness she said. Baby's heart rate was 180, I looked back and at 12 weeks ds2 heart rate was 170 and at 18 weeks ds 1 was 186 (both of their first appts) So guess we'll find out in June what this little one will be! Oh and my due date is June 16.
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