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WOW adorable wool cover on e-bay!!

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I can't believe this doesn't have any bids after 7 days!!!

If dd weren't potty training I"d be all over it!!
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nak... i totally would have bid on it, it is sooooo cute, but i figure my boy will have enough to talk about in therapy as it is.

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i love it! that appears to be hand embroidered. very pretty
I LOVE that cover! My first potty trained when she was only 23 lbs though, so I'm hesitent to buy something that won't fit until 26 lbs in case my second turns into a skinny toddler too.
That is darling!! Too bad my little girl is almost out of her diapers.
Hey, think ds would like flowers? LOL
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Oh, that is beautiful. Too bad I only have boys.

At least I get to make pretty covers for customers. Those girly covers are so much fun to make.
That cover is so sweet! If DD wasn't still so small I'd be all over it!
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