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Wow. Can we slim it down a bit?

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I understand immunity and nutrition are very complex and a whole lot goes into it, but can we slim it down a bit? I was browsing the Nutrition/Immunity sticky thread in the Vaccinations forum and was too overwhelmed to read thru all the posts. I don't have time to take notes on the 50+ pages of info.

Can someone please tell me a quick version of immune-strengthening foods?

We currently use probiotics, coconut oil, cod liver oil, vitamin c and a, etc. I plan to begin sprouting and recently bought a book on raw foods.

Any advice is helpful.

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Fermented veggies and dairy are the best imune boosters, I think. Also, healthy fats, like raw butter, lard from pastured pigs, coconut oil (great booster).
We also use a lot of garlic and honey to keep us healthy.
That's it in a nutshell!
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I think beyond what you wrote about, I'd add:

-consider the possibility of low-level allergens (maybe gluten, dairy, soy... maybe one, maybe none, maybe all three or more)
-vitamin D (I think people need more than the amt in CLO, and depending on a lot of factors, sunshine may not be enough)
-zinc's important for immune function, lots of early stretch marks in my first pregnancy should've been a clue back then, but I didn't realize it
-joy and contentment (maybe I should move this to the top of the list)
-reduce sugar as much as possible (I'm not the poster child for this, but it's a good idea anyway)

I love that sticky (and I'll link it just in case anyone's interested), but it _is_ long. So worth the read, even a page a day, but yeah, long.
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