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Wow! First conference!

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As most of you know (From my annoying posts. LOL) I'm looking into hs'ing my children.
We signed up for a Illinois yahoo group, that posted about a HS'ing conference that was this weekend... so I thought it would be nice to go, but nothing is ever where I live (We are totally in the middle of nowhere)

Well, it turns out the conference was 1 town over. LOL!

DS1 and I went today, and I learned sooo much! They even had a awesome class about children learning without labels (joyce berog?) and it taught me soo much about how I should be teaching my oldest ds & dd.

They also had a bunch of other classes, and I got to look at alot of curriculum (Which helped a bunch!) I bought a few books to read up on, and have a list of more to purchase.

It turns out there is a large HS'ing population in our area (Well, large by my standards) and they meet every 2 weeks, and let the kids do something (Skating, bowling, swimming, etc.) which is cool.

They also told me there is even a HS'ing co-op (?) in this area, where my kids can go to 'school' there for up to 3 days a week, but then if they miss, etc.. it's like regular school, where they have make-up work.

Anyhow, I feel so much better now after getting some 'hands-on' time with the books, and talking to other mothers of more than 2 kids.. lots of recommendations on how to handle hs'ing children in different grades, etc... and there's still more tomorrow. I can't wait!

I just had to share. Now I need to go to bed as I have to be up at 5am with dh. LOL
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and you really can do it with four ( just ask me LOL)

Cool that you find the group too !
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So glad that you found support and information. You are on your way.
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