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WOW! Fluff, maybe we can only wash once a day!

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I am sorry if I am obnoxious, but that is what I look like jigging around the house. I bought 3 dipes from a moma on here and eBay & go them in today! I have been doing 2 to 3 loads a day just to keep up rotation! I might get down to one!!

Got a question - I also got two new AIOs from a WHAM on eBay. I need to know if there is any special washing instractions for the first time on AIOs.

Sorry, I can't control myself! I was sooo excited I gave the mail lady a surpie!
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Cool!! Getting stocked up is a good feeling. I don't think there are any special instructions. Did it come with any? If not just throw it in with the other diapers.
Nope, no instructions and this WHAM new I was a newbie. I have had a problem or two with her so far. Since I placed my order I have noticed in her feedback that there have been a "washing issue" w/ two of her dipes, so I really want to do it right!

I didn't know if I had to do extra washes to get the oils off and if the PUL needed to be out in the dryer the first time. I read somewhere that you needed to get the PUL ready this way.

Too, there was a fleece SP cover in there. Anything special that needs to be done w/ that? I have one other flecce cover and I wash it Hot/Cold w/ the rest and hang it dry.

I just e-mailed you!!
The other washing issue was a mistake of what other clothes items the diape was washed with more than anything...I am not sure but should diapes be washed with a load of 10 pairs of jeans.....
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