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wow! I am so proud of my country (chile) breastfeeding stats!!!

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wow... I was doing some research.... and I came upon the latest stats regarding exclusive breastfeeding in Chile! they are pretty good, I think...

Baby's age (in months) % of babies breastfed

0 to 1 months 98.2%
1 to 2 months 96.8%
2 to 3 months 93.2%
3 to 4 months 90.8%
4 to 5 months 86.3%
5 to 6 months 82.6%
6 to 7 months 79.6%
7 to 8 months 66.9%

what do you think? I found this at government-related websites and the Unicef Chile website.... quite amazing I think...
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Wow, that's great! Chile must abound with smart, healthy children!
That's really cool!! Hey Carmen, you should join us in the Spanish speaking thread

Haz click aqui
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that's GREAT!
thanks Eggie, I will! Gracias!

Can you make the US follow that trend?
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