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Wow, I feel like crap!

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I had my gall bldder surgery yesterday and it went well. I felt pretty good yesterday and was released from the hospital only 2 hours after surgery. I walked around the house a lot, did a little sitting, and was able the nurse the baby after doing one discard pumping.
I noticed though that throughout the day my nose started hurting worse and worse, and then I started to sneeze, which pulled something in one of the 4 places I was cut open and I started to bleed a little. The I began to run a fever and my throat hurts along with aches and pain not related to where I had surgery. I think I'm sick.
Today I have a fever of 101 (come on baby I can do more than dance, I'm hot blooded, hot blooded... uh sorry, song just popped up there), I have a headache, and my surgery sites are sollen and bruised and hurt like hell. It could be worse, but I feel like real crap.
MDC changed their color format around the forum pages, yes? It's really bright and hurts my head to look at. I wish they change it back to that soothing earthy tone.

I wanted to thank you all who gave me good wishes for my surgery. It really made me smile and I thought of that when I was going into surgery yesterday.
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Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I think the color scheme is some weird attempt at an April Fools joke. Oh, I'm so glad they didn't do this last year at this time. It woulda meant insta-puke for me for sure.
Wow! You sound like you're doing a *lot* better than I was right after surgery!! I hope that your speedy recovery continues and that you'll be back to being able to sneeze without ripping open stuff

Hugs to you in the recovery (and yes! I've been thinking about you often, having had my gallbladder out as well)!
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Aww, poor mama!
I hope you recovery quickly and arent getting sick on top of that!
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Poor Panthira! I've been thinking about you all day yesterday and today.

Can you apply pressure to the sutures when you have to sneeze or cough?

I'm sooooo sorry!
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i've been thinking about you. feel better.

I hope the fever and all passes soon and you continue to mend quickly. I am glad to hear that the surgery went well and you were released a lot sooner than I was. I forgot to mention the bruising. I had two, one starting at my belly button went all the way down and looked like a large triangle. I was amazed at how crapy surgery made me feel and then how much I improved day by day.
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Yeah, I have the flu, with a fever, runny nose, sore thoat, and achey body. I called the doctor yesterday and he said my immune system is probably down and I most likely got the flu from the hospital. Lovely. I feel kind of delirious. LOL

I'm only bruised badly on one of the incision cites, and I bruise pretty easily. That doctor must have been rough with you, Kelly! I have to say that my belly button hurts like mad though. I'm getting better and have always been a speedy healer.

I've been running my husband ragged, calling him when needed over the baby monitor. He's been taking care of the kids for the most part, except feeding the baby. I miss being able to lay down with the baby and feed him because he puts too much pressure on my incisions. My husband is wondering why I'm so snappy. Haha!
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