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Wow, I love it...

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I got my equanitmity baby mei tai style sling today and I must say, it is SO comfortable. The padding on the shoulders really helps.
I've never eben able to carry her for so long without discomfort.
I must admit though that I doubt i'll ever wear it in public. If I cross the straps way up they choke me. Across my chest and I'm afraid I'm gonna poke someone's eye out. Anyone else find it is a little to 1980's madonna across the chest?
I can take them just over the shoulder and around the baby but it looses some comfort that way. Oh well, I still love it- and it is supposed to be primarily for DH anyway. yeah right.
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I always do rucksack-style straps rather than crossing. Alternatively, twist the straps a few times instead of just crossing. It minimizes the bionic boob look.
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