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Wow! My life has changed.

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I've been home for 3 years now. My company went bankrupt while I was pregnant with DD.

Anyway... I think my husband just inadvertantly called me while he was in the midst of a conversation with someone at work. I think part of what I caught was, "blah, blah, independent number sequence...blah, blah, blah."
I think it's safe to say that we spend our day-time lives very differently.
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lol, i remember those days. i used to have to take dd in to work with me on sat and sun when i would run reports for clients. i REALLY don't miss those days!!!
Yes, I can understand that! DP & I are similar, he works as a computer programmer/tester guy & I've been a sahm for 1.5 yrs. now.

One thing that I love to think about is at a certain time of day, say 5pm, I like to remind myself of what I *would* have been doing at that time back when I was working. I ran a home day care business for 5 yrs, worked 55+ hour per week & my day care was FULL & chaotic. I had a lot of fun, but I burnt out. I was sooooo harried & busy, it's so fun these days when I'm leisurely cutting up a big, glorious salad for dinner at 5pm, to remember how completely insane my 5pms used to be. It's nice to get to appreciate this time!
I had a brief moment of angst. I do miss thinking of my self as a "professional something"--certainly not enough to give up what I have now.
I go through that. A friend called me from work and I tried to talk to her between managing my two kids who were up and ready to try to shave the dog at the time *smile*

I felt so stupid, you know how before you had kids and you would have to (well at least *I* did this) talk to a mom at home and she would interupt you to talk to her kids constantly? I would think - geeze woman focus! Well that was me- "Oh we would love to go out to dinner- Oh yes I see the balloon ds- where do you want to go-no honey lets not pour that water on your brother- of course I love italian but I am avoiding nuts so thai is out, I am still bf and ds is allergic so I just need to keep away from them-no honey that is the bbq and we don't touch it, it is like an oven" finnally she said "well listen I will call your dh and work it out, it sounds like you have your hands full".


So I was feeling all incompetent and not able to even hold a conversation.

Then we went out and drove around for a while and came on a beach park and ended up spending the day building sand castles and I was like- hey my life ROCKS! But it sure is different.
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For me, in a way, yes, life has changed. In other ways, no. I was programmer/analyst and I still look at life trying to decide the best algorithm to efficiently get me through the day. I think you bring these career tools to the task of parenting. I'm so analytical about my parenting, that I can't help but think that somehow my career has had some sort of influence.

Originally Posted by MommyMine
So I was feeling all incompetent and not able to even hold a conversation.
I can relate. My conversations are so disjointed when DS is awake. DH wanted me to try to WAH, but it was hard for me to "think" during the day. I would be on the playground chasing our toddler and a call would come in from a customer. I'd have to change gears and be focused since while my employer knew I was at home I didn't want to make it my customer's concern. It was too stressful for me so I did not do it long.

I'm an older mom and left a 20 year career as a software engineer. It was creative and challenging work. I miss the work and travel at times, but what I'm doing now is even more creative, challenging, and rewarding. My days now move to the rhythm of a toddler/preschooler and I feel very blessed.
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MommyMine, there is one way that a conversation like that can be successful: speak with another parent who has children around. We get so good at filtering info & splitting our minds in two that it works pretty well. I have conversations like this all the time with my sister. She has a 3 & 5 yo & I have a 2 yo. Some days, we are both constantly in & out of the conversation. It may take a little longer, but we get the job done.
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