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Wow! This stuff is cute (Baby Bloomrs is stocking)!!

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Her sets are SOOO cute! I'm still waiting on the Large & X-Large items to stock, but the smalls and mediums are to die for.
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Wow, I had never heard of that store before but they have some really cute stuff!!!
Oh, it's killing me! I want that large pastel dots AIO soooooo bad, but unfortunately we have to buy boring things, like groceries.
Darn food! Her diapers are so cute, I love all the prints!
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has anyone tried these? They look really cute!!
I am in
with the med baseball aio/t-shirt. But alas, I just talke dh into buying me a new serger, so I don't think a new dipe/shirt would go over too well! :LOL What gorgeous work she does.
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WHY ISN'T ANYONE BUYING THE LG SUSHI SET!?!??! You guys are killing me!
: <---I love this new smiley!
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whaaah why oh why did my baby potty train???? :cry
Did you see that small sushi set and the monkey and banana's?!?! It's sooo cute!! I'm all tapped out though.
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I know! I love the cowpoke so much! and the nb monkey set!! :sigh
Her work looks so perfect! kwim? I am impressed! I really need a surfer jacket! Seriously! Completely adorable!!!!
this new site!
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I love the golf & sushi ones, but I just bought a new v-k aio...
I got a custom slot for a 4th of July Diaper, and a Custom Wipe bag! If I had more Paypal, I would do MUCH more, but I am waiting on a bunch in PP!

ETA: Give her a try! Her stuff is just gorgeous! I KNOW you will love it!
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Kris would KILL me! Some way cute stuff though! I am only allowed to buy one more thing and that is Emma's birthday soaker...
ADORABLE! I had to try the small stripe AIO, the large cowpoke AIO, and a custom wetbag.
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I got a custom spot. Top choices: funky flowers, patchwork chenille and chic stripes. Can't wait!!
Ohhh, someone bought the pastel dots AIO. I guess it was asking too much for it to still be there when DH gets paid next Friday! :LOL

Originally Posted by Muggins&Doody
Ohhh, someone bought the pastel dots AIO. I guess it was asking too much for it to still be there when DH gets paid next Friday! :LOL
Well I was totally going to buy it for you (shhhh), but someone snagged it first! Hopefully it was a magical fairy after all!
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OMG - the Monkey'n around set is *so* cute! Evertything there is just awesome! Great job Mama!
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