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Wrap vs. Ergo vs. Kozy

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I really don't need another carrier but i want one so. SO here's my dilemma. I really want to wear DS on my back. It's getting a bit hard to wear him on front b/c he gets in the way. I have a Kozy but I just can't seem to get the hand of the back carry. Sometimes it feels right & after 15 min it really hurts my upperback & shoulders. I LOVE my Kozy otherwise.

I've been coveting an Ellaroo for a longtime but it's the whole wrap thing. Lots of fabric, not too easy to learn ykim? The backcarry with a wrap looks awesome. But I wonder if this will also cause me upper back strain. Does a wrap distribure the weight to your hips when you're doing a back carry?

A friend of mine swears by the Ergo. I'm himmin & hawin over this one. I don't really like straps but I do want something that's easy to use, quick & also versatile.

DS is 5 mos & he IS my last baby
I already have 9 carriers in my collection
so i don't really need another.

Does anyone have any experience with all 3 of these carriers.? thanks
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i used a ring sling with ds#1. and in the beginning with ds#2. i borrowed an ergo from a friend for a couple of months and just recently had to give it back (she had her baby). i went one day without the ergo and couldn't function! i ordered my own that night!

so i love my slings, but i can't live without my ergo! i am not a big fan of straps either, but like i said, can't live without it! can't stress enough how wonderful it is.

good luck!
I have a wrap, Ergo and MT's (but a Freehand and Ellaroo, not a Kozy). The easiest for getting DD on my back is the Ergo. The wrap is by far the comfiest (I barely feel her weight at all), but it definitely took some time to get the hang of it.
I have an ellaroo and an ergo and I definitely prefer the ergo for a back carry even though I am a huge wrap fan. I like that it's easy on easy off...I have the tibetan back carry down pretty well for the wrap but it's still not as comfortable as the ergo...eventually it starts to pull. I really *want* the wrap to be more comfortable, because it's soooo pretty and I love the look of it, but the ergo definitely wins.

I am thinking also that I should try another kind of woven wrap...the ellaroo is very bulky and thick imo to do some of the ties. I've seen mamas on the street with what I think are storches and they look silkier and thinner, which would probably make a big difference.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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