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Wrapping, restlessness & reflexes

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A little history -

Ever since we brought our son home from the hospital, he has had difficulty sleeping due to his intense moro reflexes. So, we read "Happiest Baby on the Block" and started to wrap him. This increased his sleeping to 2-3 hours, with 1 hour breaks in between to nurse. But now, I'm going back to work and would like to have a bit more reliable bedtime for him. I'm reading "No-Cry Sleep Solution", trying to construct some sort of schedule. Unfortunately, I have to continue wrapping him as he just can't calm himself when put down on his back - even in a deep sleep. I'd like to wean him off the wrap because he is kicking out of it.

Has anyone had any experience with a baby who still had very strong anti-back-sleeping reflexes after the first 3 months and found some successful solutions to the problem? And has anyone successfully weaned their baby off the wrap?

Thanks in advance!
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