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Writer Mamas: Check in here!

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick check-in to see how your birth story is coming. Please post an update when you get a chance.

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Hey all! I am almost there. Basically, I am in the process of taking everything I have posted in my portfolio and merging it into one story. I should have it done by tomorrow or Friday. It has been such an amazing fulfilling process to write this story, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share it with other mommas!
I can't wait to read what you all have written!

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I've struggled with the birth story. I wrote my birth story during the first few weeks of dd's life and I've tried to write these exercises with out refering back to see if I end up with a different perspective but in all honesty I'm not sure I'm removed from it enough to really see it any differently so basicly the original story still stands.............still trying though
Hi! So, I have been busy with visiting family. My mom and her partner just visited and now my dad and brother are in town. Phew! I am working on putting together the pieces for my story. I too have an original story that I wrote when Amaya was 6 days new. I have added to and written more on my own and "here" since then, so now I am working on melding something that shows how I feel about my labor and her birth now (as opposed to 3 weeks ago, 6 months ago, etc.)
Jesse, how long do we have until the story needs to be posted?
Looking forward to sharing with you mamas!
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I've got all my brainstorm ideas on index cards, and some short assignments written directly on the cards. I've got the early part of the story ready to put together from the cards, but am still working (or trying) on the nitty gritty of the labor and delivery.

I will say that I've figured out that this is hard for me. I only recently (since starting this workshop) put up my photo of Simon just after his birth -- with his very bruised and misshapen face after a shoulder dystocia. I have a friend with an injured baby from a birth similar to mine with Simon and I think I have a lot of guilt about the fact that everything turned out OK for me but her life is changed forever in a different way...

Anyway, I'm trying to talk about it with some close friends and make peace with it all, which is helping me to progress on getting the story written. I hope for a good block of time soon to get it all on computer!

I'm really excited to read everything you've all written, too.

(Oh, I changed my username...I used to be Anna's Mamma.)
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I check in to the site regularly but haven't been doing much writing here, as I'm working on my dissertation and trying to get that moving. I don't think I'll have the birth story finished by the end of the workshop, but I don't think I'm really ready to finish it right now for a few reasons. I've been using the portfolio space to do some writing on why I feel stuck about this story. It has to do with my ambivalence towards my birth experience. My sister is due to have her first baby this week, and it's bringing back all sorts of anxiety for me. I want to continue to write about those feelings but not really finish the birth story just yet. I think finishing the story now, even if I tell myself that it's a version for now, feels like it will fix it and close it somehow. Does that make sense? I want the story to have more of an open, organic feel, one that shows that the story changes as my feelings towards the birth change, and I haven't figured out how to do that formally yet.

I also want to say that I am using this workshop to produce writing, which it has definitely helped me to do, and I don't really judge its success by coming up with the finished polished product right now. Rather, it's helping me get a lot down that I never would have without the workshop.
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Thanks for your updates and feedback. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts - they are helpful as we discuss the direction of the board.


I'm a little late but am working on my birthing stories. I'm new here and(sorry off topic) i tried to start a new thread and was told i couldn't, i had to get special permission(?) could someone IM me or email me to let me know how i get 'on board'??

I don't think that any of us, except Jesse of course, can post a new thread to the writing group...
I know that I can't anyway, and it's probably not just me and you! :LOL
Welcome to the writing's a great place to be!
I'm also new here and just started writing. I'm due in sept though, so this will be a continual work in progress but thought i'd jump in anyway!
It helps to keep me focused on my current writings. I enjoy reading others' work as well. It's amazing how boring you may think your life is (or exciting!) but how different someone else's perspective on it can be.
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I have some stolen time tommorow (whew) and was planning on finetuning my birthing stories...I can't write about one w/out including the other.
I hope its not too late by the time i finally am able to post (i type slowly)
When do the new assignments come out?....I can't wait, just love to write
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Just check out the new posts and

Everyone is welcome, we'd love to hear your voice
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