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Oh man it is so past my bedtime but...

I am taking on a great opportunity to write an article about an up and coming band. They are super talented and sound great -- huge potential for success on their part. I'm friends with their manager.

I'm confident in writing the article but how do I make sure it gets published? I haven't even begun research on where to send it. I've asked the band for a list of where they would love to see their article; I'll start from there.

I've sent some of my own stuff away to magazines before (like only a handful) but find that anytime I sit down and write for money my writing goes to poo... In other words I've never had anything published. I've agreed to do this for the opportunity and experience alone. I don't want stinkin' money to mess up a great opportunity!

Ask the question already...

So, how do I make sure what I write about the band gets exposure? What types of publications should I focus on? If I just call an editor once a week until they print it will that work? Haha

baby's awake, thanks!!
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