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Writing legibly?

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What age did your DC start writing legibly? DD will be 4 in one month and has been writing pretty clearly for about a week and it's getting better every day. I'm SO proud.

I'm just curious if she's ahead of the game, or right on.
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My DD turned 4 in February and has been writing legibly since October of '05. I don't know know what that means for your DD, but I think she's a bit ahead of the game!
She's definitely ahead of the game. Her kindergarten teacher is going to be thrilled!
I'm not sure what legibly means.
Seriously, both kids could write all their letters, but it look DD a lot longer to get spacing. And they both like writing on un-lined paper so it doesn't seem very legible to me.
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my 4 yr old ds doesnt even write so
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I would say 5, although he still doesn't space his words half the time, so it looks like one big long word, haha
My almost 4 year old can read absolutely anything, but she can't write at all. Oh well.

I think that 5 or 6 is the average for being able to write something legible, so your dd is doing a great job.
my dd was writing legibly by 5 but then when she was around 7 her writing was AWFUL
-I barely could read it.. she's 11 now and just beginning to write neat again...hmmm
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Well, I'm 34 and I still have a hard time writing legibly. So I think she is ahead of the game. About 30 years ahead.
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My almost 3.5 yr old son doesn't write letters at all, but he types his name on the computer all the time, and asks us to spell words for him out loud so he can type them. Am I doing him a disservice?
DS is just now writing legibly at age 5 1/2 and afer 7 months of kindergarten! He's always been too busy to sit still.

WTG for your DD!!
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My son can copy letters legibly but can't read at all- he just turned 3 in January. He'll write his name, but then if I hold up one of his papers and ask what it says he has no idea.
A friend from playgroup will be 4 in July and he can read and write legibly- I think he is very advanced.
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