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writing letters backwards

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Hi just wondering if anyone else has a second grader or older who still will sometimes write letters backwards.
mainly b d g sometimes a number or two
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I am 29 years old and still have a terrible time getting my b's and d's straight. The onlything that helps figure it out is saying the word god, I know which way the d goes in god so I can most of the times get those b's and d's going the right way.

Sorry I am no help
I'm pretty sure I read in a post here that it isn't until after grade three that this is a concern. I'm sure somebody will post and confirm or correct this!

I did it when I was a kid. I even remember it being mentioned on a report card in grade 3, but I got over it by grade 4.
I teach 2nd grade and have three or four students who still do this. It should straighten up by the end of this year. The word


often helps kids. It looks like a bed, with a headboard and footboard.
My 7 yr old (1st grade for the second time) still has lots and lots of reversals- including the first letter in his name, and all numbers. I hope it does clear up on it's own, we have been working with a writing program since kindergarten that is supposed to minimize reversals.
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Teachma said what my dd's first grade teacher told us at open house. My dd who is 6 does some letters backwards and some numbers. She said after 2nd grade it starts to clear up and she always has some first graders who come into her class writing some letters backwards
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