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Wrong due date

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Hey there! I've been MIA for a while, but wanted to check in and give an update. I went ahead and scheduled an appt w/ my old OB (we moved 3 hrs away from there!) and she said she was shocked to see me so soon (Baby Lia just turned 9 mons). I thought I was 10 wks, but the nurse couldn't get a hb (thought she could hear blood flow through the placenta), so off to the sono room and yes, the lovely transvaginal sono. The tech wouldn't turn the screen toward me, so I laid there thinking, "well, it's all over." FINALLY, she turned the screen toward me and lo and behold!!!! I saw a flicker!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! However, baby was measuring 7 wks, not 10.

Dr. doesn't think it's any big deal b/c I'm nursing and could have ovulated at wierd times. I totally skipped a period in April, took a test and it was negative. So, it adds up, but I sure don't remember ovulating in May.

Anyone else have this happen to them???

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If I hadn't been charting my temperatures and using OPKs, this would have been my story!

I am very sensitive to breastfeeding hormones and my fertility was crazy. I had one post-partum period when DD was 27 months; ovulated 42 (NOT 14) days later and got pregnant. My LMP due date would be Dec. 9 or something - a far cry from the due date of Jan. 7 calculated from my ovulation date!

Good luck!
Amy-- I will update your due date if you can calculate it for me
. My pregnant brain no longer does math, sorry
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