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AS a society we sure seem to have the worng idea about birth. Isn't birth supposed to be a natural occurance- something are bodies are designed to do (with a few exceptions of course). I mean to create the baby a man and woman do it naturally together without "help and professionals". OUr pregnant bodies natually and wonderfully nourish and grow the developing baby in our womb. Yet birth which will occur naturally and beautifully if we just allow it has been turned into a huge medicalized mess. C-sections, inductions, birth being sterile and impersonal with the doctor in charge not the mother, babies in nurseries, formula, and on and on. I mean people who go to the hospital and want to have a peaceful, natural birth usually have to fight for it.
And to make things worse the money that is made off of all this so- called nessecities. THis article really emphasised this point to me

(scroll down to 'Low- premium maternity insurance may not be worth it)

"With some 4 million births in the United States every year, childbirth is the leading reason for hospitalization. Sixty percent of all hospitalizations of women of reproductive age are for obstetric care, and 25 percent of all hospitalizations in the population as a whole are for obstetric care.

Having a baby can be expensive, with medical costs easily reaching $10,000 or more for even a simple delivery. " (quote)

Note: I am talking about in general. Obviously some births ect require medical attention.

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You're preaching to the choir, honey.
I read that article, and I think the biggest problem with the situation they're presenting is that instead of becoming more informed about which choices are the best and safest (as well as most cost-effective), people are looking only at what the insurance isn't covering anymore. Is prenatal care preventative? Sure. Do we need to be going as often as we do in this country? Probably not.

Birth Culture in the US is totally fubared, and it doesn't look like it's changing any time soon.
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