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Has anyone checked out


It is so much fun to read! So many different homeschoolers. I've found it very inspirational.

Here is a neat father's day card idea from one entry:

Ask your little ones to finish these questions about their Daddy. You can then type it up and make it into a Father's day card.

My Daddy is ___________ years old. He weighs _____ pounds and is ____ tall. His Hair is __________ and his eyes are _______. My Daddy loves to relax by_____________ and he likes to wear ____________. He loves to cook ___________. His favorite thing to do at home is ____________________. His favorite TV Show is ___________ and his favorite song is _________________. Daddy always tells me _________________________. It makes me happy when ____________________. When my daddy goes shopping, he loves to buy _______________________. If he could go on a trip, he would go to ___________ and he would take _________________. I really love it when my daddy ______________________.

The answers you get are bound to make Daddy laugh.
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Thanks for posting. I had a few minutes so I took a look. I found an entry by a homeschool mom talking about a senator coming to their home for dinner because her homeschool son wrote a letter inviting him. Look, its the June 18th entry.
a lot of the moms (mostly moms) there are traditional Christian types, but it is all so inspirational to read-- I love it! It's replacing MDC in sucking up all my computer time.
: It's also nice to read about other families that have "a lot" of kids (more than three). I seems like every blog I click on, the mom has at least 4 kids.
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I just started one there as well
Neat place... thanks for posting.
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They're probably mostly traditional Christian types because of the magazine that sponsors it. The Old Schoolhouse is a Christian homeschooling mag.
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