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WWYD...Re: making your own diapers...

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I'm thinking about making a few diapers for Reese. However, I really don't care for Aplix (or any hook/loop closure) and would prefer snaps. I can't afford a snap press right now though. I do have one of those little SnapSource Snap Setters, but as far as I know, they only use the metal snaps, and I don't care for those either. What other options are out there?

Am I just being too picky? Should I just shut up and use Aplix. Or just buy the dang diapers? Something else? WWYD?
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my honest answer is just to buy the diapers UNLESS sewing brings you great joy.

You could always make diapers and send them to someone to snap for you. I had a couple diapers with metal snaps, and they arent that bad though

You will spend a lot of time making and screwing up diapers that you might wish you had just bought the dang things to begin with. You need to buy supplies so keep in mind the cost of supplies and shipping. (the thrill of a co-op can be a thrill or a PITA) Not to mention if you buy fabric online you have to buy a yard of it. So if you want a cute knit or PUL pattern or something you would have enough to make 6 diapers out of it when you really only want one diaper. Does that make sense?
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u could make up the diapers and then send them to a mama who has a snap press.

if u go on i believe they have a section with a chart of moms around the country who do snaps for like 10cents or whatever per snap


oh here it is
Yes, you can make them yourself and have someone put the snaps on them. I did that for a mama once.
<----- Hey! Who did that???? Who DDDDC'd me??? I just noticed it. Hyena bait.
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I was thinking that the snapsource thing used the plastic snaps..
That is the question that started my sewing obsession. I've spent more money than you can imagine on sewing machines, sergers, snap press fabric. I think I have like12 large bins filled with fabric at this point!!!!!

But I love to sew. And being an engineer who quit to be a full time momma, I need some sort of creative/productive outlet.

If you want to do it, I wouldn't suggest the snapsource thing. You will go nuts banging them and then some won't "take" and you'll spend a fortune on the snaps to boot. If you don't want exposed snaps (which is probably what you'll end up with if you send them out), buy a press. has them for a good price. Or just buy the diapers. You probably won't end up saving $$$ sewing them yourself unless you are really careful.

Then again it's so satisfying to be able to make your own. My newborn can't wear pocktes (she gets a rash) so I made up several more wool covers the other day including hand dyeing them and embroidering a little fairy on one. And now I'm dyeing up some fabric to make the next size up diapers. It's fun!
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Originally Posted by warneral
You probably won't end up saving $$$ sewing them yourself unless you are really careful. Then again it's so satisfying to be able to make your own.
I totally agree with this. I don't think I've saved any money making our own if you take into account the cost of the snappress, serger (which I didn't have before I started making dipes, but now use for everything), etc. But I really enjoy it. And it's so nice to see your baby wearing something you made. If you have a hard to fit baby you can customize things for him/her too, which is nice.

It's addictive though. Always looking for more cute fabric. Deciding what to make next. I think I've made over a hundred diapers now. And I still keep making them. Luckily I have friends more than willing to take some off my hands or we'd be drowning in them.

I still like to buy WAHM stuff too so our current stash is about half and half, wahm and homemade. Good luck with your new endeavor!
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I really like making dipes for DS. So I too bought a serger and a snappress for this purpose. The way I see it I can use it for other things and now since I'm staying home to be with DS, I am toying with the idea of making dipes to sell.
if you truely enjoy diaper sewing and need it to be economical, save up for the snap press, otherwise the cost of snaps and/or shipping will kill you.

I mostly use recycled materials (unless I'm making PUL Pocket AIOs) so I can sew a diaper for about $2.00 including my resin snap press snaps, sending it out to be snapped would add at least $5 per diaper to that cost. I was able to make enough of my own diapers to sell a great deal of my WHAM fitted stash so I figure the the press really paid for it's self.
I really enjoy sewing my own fitteds for DD. I'm no good with covers so have bought those, mostly wool, but so far I haven't seen a fitted for sale that I can't replicate or take design ideas from and improve on. I do use the hammer-style snap setter with long prong metal snaps, which is something of a pain, but since I set the snaps exactly where they need to be for the best fit, I'm only setting 4 per diaper and not the zillions you find on purchased diapers.

That said, I'd love to have a snap press at some point. I actually prefer metal snaps, as they feel way more secure to me, and all my DD's baby clothes have metal snaps on them anyway.
I used the snap setter because it cost less up front, but then I decided to invest in a snap press. It depends on how many diapers you're going to make. Resin snaps that can only be applied with a snap press cost a lot less than metal snaps. So if you make enough diapers, you come out smelling like a rose. But you have to make enough diapers. It took me forever to figure out my own pattern for diapers - and I bought a handful of patterns too. The diapers I made that work for us cost me about $5 each, and they work exactly like I want them to - I wouldn't be able to get them anywhere else. But keep in mind, for every diaper like that I've made, at this point, I've made one that didn't work for us. So overall, I've spent about $10 per diaper, not counting time or frustration.

I would say that unless you want to make something that you can't find anywhere else or if you are very tight on cash and are willing to use imperfect diapers that you make, buying diapers is well worth your money.
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Other options... you could make pinnable fitteds. I've got 2 dozen fitteds I made for my babe-on-the-way and for now am planning on pinning them, or putting them under covers w/ no fastener. You could also make prefolds or flats or some of each. As far as saving money... I'm using diaper flannel from Walmart for my inner layer, hemp fleece for internal soaker layers, and then a cute flannel for the outer layer. I have some dipes with new flannel for the outer and some are made from receiving blankets I got at the resale store. I've also made prefolds with receiving blankets and baby towels from resale/thrift stores--and that's a really cheap way to go. If you're worried about wasting time or money I'd start with recycled materials and make one diaper at a time, then you can tweak your pattern as you go if needed.
I don't know exactly what sort of thing you want to make, but I disagree with those who say you won't end up saving money. I made a number of fleece covers for my son, and they ended up costing about $2/ each, as opposed to at least $15 buying premade. [I prefer Velcro myself, but when I do use snaps I use a $15-ish plier-style setter for metal snaps; I mess up maybe one out of three snaps, and that waste is still a lot less than investing in a press unless you're making a lot.]
I love to sew, so it's not even a question for me what I prefer to do. I bought a serger and a snap press--neither were that expensive. It's the horrible fabric addiction I have that's expensive! :LOL But...I was able to sell off all my hyena dipes and that more than paid for the serger and snap press (and some fabric and snaps too!). I don't have any other hobbies...we don't go out, we don't drink, we don't eat out all that often or go to the movies, so what the heck? It makes me happy to see one of *my* diapers on Owen.

FYI: I bought the snap press, a die set, a set of snaps (the cuddlebuns package) and with shipping it was about $113. Not too bad!
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