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My 9 month old DS had something similar last week. He ran a fever for about 3 days, with 2 episodes of vomiting when the fever spiked higher. He had a little bit of a runny nose but that could have been because he was crying so much.
Anyway, I took him to the ped (our nurse call-line sent us in) and she looked him over and said he was fine, it was just a virus and to keep him hydrated.

If she had prescribed antibiotics then I would not have given them to him. There was no reason he needed them, and a bout with thrush would have been the last thing either of us needed. He's feeling better now. His fever broke and then he had a rash on the back of his neck and upper back that faded quickly (I'm thinking it might have been roseola) but is pretty much back to normal now.
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