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Ok, call me naive. But my DS, 10 months, has never been sick with more than a little cold before. He ran high fevers all weekend, and hasn't been eating any solids, only breastmilk and some water. I took him to his ped today (we are in the process of looking for a new ped btw but haven't found one worth the switch) and he diagnosed us both with having an upper respiratory infection. He wrote a prescription for an antibiotic that he said was good for a number of bacterial infections, including strep, so he didn't do a strep test - although he did say it most likely wasn't strep. So.. and remember, I have NO CLUE with illness, we're a generally very healthy family... should i get the antibiotic? I want DS to get better... but how do I know the meds are necessary? I'm so used to dr's and nurses forking over antibiotics for any little thing (I worked in a dialysis clinic) that I don't know what to think here.
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