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Wyatt Joao Is Here!

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Our baby boy has arrived!! March 21 2006 5:28am 8pounds 20.5 inches.
My sister in law gave me a taco with fire sauce, I took a walk and an hour later I was having contractions every 7 min!!!! That was at 4:30pm. At 11 i decided to call my midwife b/c contractions were 1 min apart, but I was in no pain. 11:20 I stepped off the elevator at the birth center and my water broke. I was 6cm dilated. and at 5:28am Wyatt was here!!!! It was awsome and I was so happy I had my drug free intervention free labor and birth I wanted!! YEA! I'd like to attach a pic, but don't know how lol!!!
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Congratulations and good job, Melissa -- and welcome to the world, Wyatt!
Congratulations, Melissa!

Welcome, Wyatt!
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Welcome Wyatt!!
Congrats Melissa!! Wow, taco sauce, eh??
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That's fabulous. Good for you!

Welcome Wyatt - love the name,

Taco sauce!!

Congrats, and welcome Baby Wyatt!
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