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X-Post Can someone point me in the right direction re: a cleanse...

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X-posted, wasn't sure exactly where it belongs....
I have been feeling really ooky & just bogged down lately, I would love to start some sort of new regimen, beginning with a good cleanse...can anyone point me in the right direction to find some good info online? I don't even know where to begin. TIA!

...someone did mention the master cleanse, which I am vaguely familiar with, although I was thinking of someone maybe a little less harsh, like perhaps a juice-type cleanse???
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You should talk to a naturopath. They would be able to give you some ideas that are custom to YOU.

It is often a cleanse just to eat nothing processed for a while and avoid sugar and dairy. Sounds simple but you might be able to stick to something simple.

When I want to cleanse I watch the processed stuff, add to my diet beets, lots of greens, ginger and lemon juice.

good luck.
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