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I x posted this in the allergies forums, but I thought I would post it in here too, for more visibility. I hope that's ok!

Oh mamas, we have really been through the ringer the past week with my 5yo ds. I'm going to give you the short version (if you can believe this is the short version).

Last Sat. my son woke up with hives and a swollen lip. We didn't think too much of it - he has lots of allergies. Hives and a little swelling happens with him time to time. So, we gave him some benadryl, figuring he might have gotten a bit of egg in something he ate. By Sun. he had full blown hives all over his body. We called the Ped. and he told us to continue on Ben. and that sometimes the hives could last a couple days. By Mon. night the hives became much more pronouced and spread out, ds started having a low grade fever and began having mild edema in his hands and feet.

Mon. night we took him to the ER. They gave us more Benadryl and sent us home. We followed up with the ped on Tues. and he started ds on Atarax instead of Benadryl. By this time he was having pretty severe hives, but nothing compared to what was to come.

Wed. night, ds began to swell up alot more, including his lips, face and ears. He also began to spike a fever of about 102. His hives were very large, and were beginning to take on a purplish bruising color. By this time his hands were so swollen he could not bend his fingers. At the ER, they checked his platelets (they were fine) and did a blood culture. The doctors decided this is not something he ate. Instead they think its probably viral, change his allergy meds back to Benadryl, and cimetadine and send him back home. By this time he is very sick.

Friday- Ds is not improving at all. The cimetadine is giving him anxiety attacks, and he is vomiting because of the nasty meds and anxiety and his feet are so painful he cannot walk. So, of course the swelling and hives get more severe (his tongue was beginning to swell) and back to the ER we go. They did nothing at the ER, forgot to give him Benadryl, and so he suffered there for the night. He had an infectious diseases specialist take a peak at him, and she thought it was probably just a virus too. **Note about the virus. It's just a normal viral illness they are talking about. Like the common cold. Only, for some reason, his body is having an allergic reaction to it.**

So now we are home. Ds is the same. He still has a fever. He still has severe hives. The poor kid looks like he was in a boxing match. He can't walk, his feet are in so much pain. This has been going on now for eight days, and I am at my wits end. Its not getting better, its getting progressivly worse. His hives did look a smidgen better today, but his facial swelling was much worse and he was having a lot of foot pain (can't walk - we have to carry him) and he still has a fever.

Tonight, my neighbor, who is a nurse, said it looked like an autoimmune problem.

We are going back to the ped tomorrow, and honestly, if they have a cavalier attitude about it I think I'm going to freak out. He's only five - he's a little guy. Its breaking dh's and my heart to see him like this and not know whats going to happen, or if its going to get worse.

Please, if anybody has been through anything similar, or can offer any insights, I would be forever grateful.
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