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Hi, I'll cross-post this in a couple of places because I have no idea where it should go.<br>
I am looking for suggestions for an infant development or parenting curriculum for a class of pregnant moms and partners. I'll be the one teaching it. The program I work with is supposed to be collaborating with another program to offer parenting classes, and right now we are just floundering. They've been having a wide range of speakers each week, but organizing that is too damned much work, and I'd like to try a set curriculum.<br>
I think people would be open to attachment parenting. Very much so. Most of the participants are first-time moms. Usually pretty young. Not used to asking a lot of questions or having a lot of choices in their medical or child care (we live in the boonies!). Almost all participants are Native American.<br>
If you've used or been taught from a curriculum you've liked, please let me know. I'm open to looking at just about anything.<br>
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