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X Post - Nursing Babe in public with toddler in tow

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I'm trying to figure out a good place that I can nurse my baby in public - with my toddler. When ds was little, I would find a place to sit down and nurse. Now, I can't just sit down and nurse - because my toddler would be running around in a store. (Or strapped to the cart for 20 minutes or in his carseat in the car, etc.) I just need one good place in "town" so I don't feel like I have to drive home to nurse so my toddler will be safe and happy.

Any ideas? For those with toddlers and newborns - how are you dealing with this?
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I nurse in the car with DD1 in her carseat, or with her in the cart. She needs to be "contained" because she is a runner and I obviously can't chase her when I;m nursing DD2.
Have you tried nursing in a carrier? A ring sling or something I find to be quite doable. That way you don't have to be sitting down the whole time. I also think a lot of malls have children's play areas that are semi contained where you could sit and let your toddler play while nursing your newborn.
Would it help if you had your toddler in a stroller while you nursed? You could even bring a few books and read to him while you nurse, or bring a snack for him while he's sitting with you.
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