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X-Post: Tandem Nursing Tribe!

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Is there already a tandem tribe? Anyone interested in seeing one if there isn't already one? I am...!

I've only been tandem nursing for the past five weeks but boy, this is a whole new ballgame! Before her brother was born my dd (31 mo) was down to nursing when she woke up, when/if she went down for a nap, and briefly at bedtime. She's nursing more than the newborn now. Including during the night. And she's quite demanding about it at times. Full on tantrums if she has to wait. In any case, it's been well worth it so far; I'm glad she didn't wean during my pregnancy.

Come join the tandem nursing tribe over HERE y'all! Mods please feel free to move the thread if it should be in the breastfeeding forum!
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