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X-Posted in TTC: Warning if you are trying Milk Thistle to avoid m/s

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There was a post somewhere around here a while ago about taking milk thistle and Vitamin B6 (among other things like Wild Yam, etc.) to help avoid morning sickness - the theory was that morning sickness is aggravated by toxins in the body and the milk thistle (also dandelion root) helps clear the body of toxins...

So I excitedly went out and got a bottle of Milk Thistle from my local hfs...well I was taking it for a few weeks and happened to be reading Aviva Jill Romm's pregnancy book and as it turns out Blessed Thistle is counterindicated in pregnancy because it is an emmenagogue (brings on menstruation) and has abortive it turns out the Milk Thistle I had purchased had blessed thistle in it! So if you are trying to use Milk Thistle (mostly as a liver detoxifier I suppose) please check your label - some brands of Milk Thistle also include Blessed Thistle as an ingredient.

There is more information about this here:
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Thanks for posting! It's always a good idea to check and bypass when extras are thrown in.

My liver is "off" so it could be adding to the sickies. My midwives recommended Milk Thistle caplets, Dandelion Root in my tea, and just plain lemon in my water.

When hubby called me from the store (I was too sick to go) there were a couple of options for the Milk Thistle, so I told him to choose one that was ONLY Milk Thistle (silybum). Thankfully.
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