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Anyone have suggestions for good X-Large AIOs? DS is around 28 lbs which is the upper, upper edge for a lot of the dipes out there, but I would like to get some AIOs for out of the house use.

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HoneyBoy! size L fit my 31 lb dd and the tabs almost meet, with the rise at or above her navel. I spect they will fit her thru pt.

Here is a HoneyBoy! sizing chart.


She makes a size XL, but my 29 lb chunk fits well in the size L. She has great quick dry AIOs.
she can do fleece AIOs with snaps or hook and loop in addition to her signature animal AIOS. also, she has the option of back-snapping for toddlers who enjoy taking their diapers off.
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CuddleBuns Cuddle-In-Ones come in an XL. If you have a favorite CuddleWAHM I'm sure you could request them or if you go to you should be able to find something there. GL!
Luke's Drawers toddler aios fit my dd and she's around 30lbs.
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